GRUNDFOS has expanded its range of TR 300 pumps

In summer 2016, GRUNDFOS launched new sizes of single vertical centrifugal “in-line” pumps of TP 300 line with a maximum working pressure of 25 bar on the American market. New products will replace the TR 400 series equipment.


Roman Marikhbein, Business Development Manager, Industrial Equipment Department, Grundfos LLC. “In 2015. We have already started to partially replace our TR 400 pumps with TR 300. This year the product range has been extended. Twenty-four new sizes are available to our customers. It is worth noting that the new pumps are more technologically advanced. This allowed us to achieve a price reduction compared to the TR 400 series, which is now being phased out of the market. The TR 300 pumps have an optimised flow path to achieve higher efficiencies than their predecessors.”.

This equipment is designed for heating, water and air conditioning systems. Hydraulic and mechanical balancing of impeller, made of bronze or cast iron, allowed to increase the lifetime of motor bearings and mechanical shaft seals. The pump housing is cataphoresis coated for corrosion protection.

GRUNDFOS TR 300 series are equipped with high-efficiency IE2/IE3 motors, which help to significantly reduce power consumption and, as a result, financial costs. Equipment is intended for pumping explosive, non abrasive and non fibrous liquids with temperature up to 150°C.

The new pumps are already available to order. The replacement of discontinued pumps of TR 400 series is possible by means of re-selection according to the required parameters of the operating point.

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