Front narrow washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston AQ114D 697D EU/B

The machine allows the use of steam in the care of your clothes. Steam is activated in Freshen mode and when selecting Anti-Bacterial treatment. The steam flattens the fibers of the clothes, they require less ironing effort, and sometimes they don’t need any ironing at all. The steam removes bacteria, odors and disinfects the fabric.


Front narrow washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston AQ114D 697D EU B



Wash: 11 kg.


: class A.


: Synthetics Intensive 60, 40°C , Coloured fabrics Intensive 40°C , Coloured fabrics 20°C , Dark fabrics, Freshen Steam, Down/Feather 30°C , Linen 60°C , Anti-allergy Intensive 60°C , Anti-allergy Delicate 40°C , Delicate 30°C , Wool 40°C , Mix 30 min. 30°C , Dry 60-90°C , Cotton 40-60°C .


Prewash, Antibacterial with steam, Easy Iron, Extra rinse, Timer.


: A, 1600 rpm.


: class A+++ A-30% eco indicator.


touch screen, program selector, display, temperature selection buttons, spin speed, buttons of functions and options, timer indication of program stage, timer settings, time to finish washing, activation of options.


: loading optimization, foam level control, imbalance.


: Leak-proof on the cabinet.


Control box on the door, Direct Injection technology, High Definition technology, Polyplex tank, Steam mode, Super Silent system.


Washing: 595x616x850mm. WEIGHT: 65 kg.


1 year.


: 26 500 Dollars.


Full-size Aqualtis series machine. The most striking feature of the model is the hatch, or rather door, where the control unit is placed, and the powder tray “hidden” behind it. The hatch is located higher than usual and makes the laundry more convenient to use.


The innovations of the series are a range of technologies.

High Definition Washing technology means gentle fabrics and high washing quality. The technology includes a stubborn stain remover that can wash the 20 most difficult stains. ThermalTech technology preserves the colors and brightness of colored clothing.

The washing machine is equipped with Direct Injection technology, thanks to which the detergent, when entering the drum, is immediately converted into foam, which has 60% more effective in washing stains. The technology allows high-quality laundry washing and stain removal already at 20 ° C. This means that you can combine light and colored items in one load, wash them well, preserving the color, and not worry about shedding. Direct Injection technology is activated automatically in every program.

The machine allows the use of steam in the care of things. Steam is activated in Freshen Mode or by selecting the Antibacterial Treatment option. Steam spreads the fibers of your clothes, they require less ironing effort, and sometimes they don’t need any ironing at all. Steam removes bacteria, odors and disinfects fabrics.

The machine is an Ecotech labeled appliance. The badge says that the model is able to combine the comfort of high-tech with the most stringent environmental standards.

The machine is equipped with a set of practical programmes, including the Woolmark certified programme for wool, a special programme for washing downy products – blankets, pillows and jackets, a programme for darker fabrics, a programme for bed linen.


Touch screen system with rotary knob and display of all the settings and time to complete the wash.

Upgraded version of Aqualtis, new technologies, Steam function.

To add rinse aid directly during the wash, it is necessary to pause and open the hatch.

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