Overview of Hotpoint-Ariston WMSD 8215B CIS Front Washing Machine: Peusaect Washing

The machine has a depth of only 44 cm without the hatch with a load of 8 kg of laundry. Washing quality with the High Definition Washing System. 20 algorithms to fight the stains, taking into account the peculiarities of stain removal for different types of stains, such as red wine, baby food, tomato paste.

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Front washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston WMSD 8215B CIS


LOADING: 8 kg.

WASHING: class A.

PROGRAMS: Daily: Stain removal 40°C, Cotton + Prewash 40/60/90°C, Synthetic 60/40°C Special: Quick wash 60/30 min., My program, Bedding 60 ° C optional: Wool 40 ° C, Delicate 30 ° C.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: selectable soiling degree, Boost, Eco, water level, Easy Iron, Extra Rinse/Sensitive Skin/Anti-allergy timer 24 h.

EXTINCTION: class B, 1200 rpm.

ECONOMY: class A+ A-10% electricity consumption 272 kWh/year, water consumption 10800l/year 60°C cotton .

CONTROL: electronic, LCD display, program buttons, button select temperature, spin speed, options, timer, indication of the program step, options, memory My program indication of the program step, timer settings, time to complete the wash, options on.

AUTOMATICS: load optimization, foam level control, imbalance control.

SAFETY: full leakage protection, power-on lock.

CONSTRUCTION: High Definition Washing, Inverter Motor, Super Silent, Eco Tech, 54 l drum.

SIZES: 850x596x440 mm. WEIGHT: 67 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


PRICE: 28 290 Dollars.



The machine is only 44 cm deep without the hatch and has a load capacity of 8kg. Washing quality is ensured by the advanced High Definition Washing system. And to fight the stains there are 20 algorithms, which take into account the peculiarities of stain removal of different types, such as red wine, baby food, tomato paste.

The new sensor system automatically controls all washing parameters and allows you to manage the consumption of water, electricity and time, which significantly saves all resources. Thanks to the system, the energy class of the machine is A-10%. The appliance uses an inverter motor, which reduces energy consumption. Its operation ensures low noise and vibration, reliability and durability.


Unusual approach characteristic for the company to the set of programs is realized in the machine, unpopular, secondary modes, unnecessary for housewives are excluded from it, only necessary ones are left. There are three groups in the panel listing – it’s easier to navigate and choose the one that suits you best. A group of daily programs combines the most common modes. The washing quality is ensured by an advanced system High Definition Washing, including a remove and degrease cycle and it is economical because the temperature is as low as 40°C. Mode assumes stain type indication. Cotton washing mode is designed for items with heavy soiling, it added a prewash step. Mode allows you to wash clothes in water up to 90 ° C. One more mode is for synthetic fabrics, for colored and thin fabrics there is a setting of 40 ° C, for denser and lighter fabrics – 60 ° C. All the programs can be customized, specifying the intensity of soiling, water level, adjusting temperature and spin speed. Thus, it is possible to create cycles of the specialized type. The most frequently used cycle with the settings can be memorized. It can be activated by one button, and the program itself is included in the group of special programs. In the group of specials, there are 2 more ready-made modes. Quick wash with a choice of cycle times of 30 or 60 minutes. and the linen care program. The third group includes additional modes. These include the wool wash, which is certified by WOOLMARK institute, confirming its efficiency and gentle approach.


The machine does not have the usual rotary knob, the program is selected by the button from the center of the control panel. Pressing it will give you the first temperature setting, the second will give you the next one.

New, user-friendly controls, big load, quiet running, design.

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