Fast digital transformation with the new Fujitsu fi-7600 and fi-7700 document scanners

PFU EMEA Limited, a subsidiary of Fujitsu, today introduced two new document scanners: the fi-7700 and fi-7600. New models are designed for the digital age and can scan up to A3 size on a variety of paper types in a single stack, saving time and money for business and industry.


Fujitsu fi-7700

The fi-7700 is equipped with an Automatic Document Feeder ADF and supports flatbed mode. Both models are much more versatile than their larger counterparts. Simply swing the fi-7700 ADF into position to feed documents, very convenient for office environments. Straight-through paper path allows even the densest materials to be handled.

The fi-7700’s A3 flatbed scanning mode is great for thin paper documents or large documents such as magazines. The fi-7600 features dual folding input and output trays which enable scanning from right to left and from left to right. These new additions to the top-of-the-line fi Series line of scanners let you scan a wide range of documents of different quality, shape, size and composition without special settings or extra intervention, giving you even more versatility.

State-of-the-art hardware and PaperStream software combine to create a complete solution for crystal clear imaging, faster workflows and streamlined workflow. The fi-7700 and fi-7600 offer class-leading scanning speeds of 100ppm./min. or 200 images/min A4, landscape, color, 200/300 dpi and are optimized for centralized scanning of up to 30,000 documents per day. Compact size allows the device to be positioned in any production or work environment.

Unmatched versatility of scanners especially evident when scanning stacks of mixed documents. The new powerful multifunction document scanners are designed to improve the efficiency of customers in any field, from public sector, financial services and healthcare to business process outsourcing and commercial scanning services.

Key hardware features impacting performance

* Unique ADF paper path ensures reliable scanning of stacks of all kinds of documents in any condition. One-touch switch to non-split mode lets you easily switch to scanning multipage documents.


Fujitsu fi-7600

* Easy-to-adjust bottom and side guides of the document feed module virtually eliminates user intervention before and after scanning.

* Paper alignment mechanism increases document feeding efficiency and ensures all documents are scanned in their entirety. Paper protection system detects the possibility of a paper jam by changes in sound and document size, thus minimizing the risk of damage even for papers as thick as 20 g/m2.

Professional software

Parallel to the release of new scanners, PFU includes features in the PaperStream software for industrial document scanning.

PaperStream Capture takes scanning automation to the professional level. Patchcodes, barcodes, matrix codes, zonal character recognition all allow documents to be distributed and include additional information effortlessly. PaperStream IP automatically creates high-quality images for further processing.

With the addition of new high-powered A3 professional scanners to the fi Series line, we have given our customers even more efficient tools for digital transformation

” says Mike Nelson, vice president of PFU EMEA Limited, a subsidiary of Fujitsu.

Currently our most comprehensive technological solution. These scanners are not only powerful and reliable, but they are also packed with features aimed at reducing scanning costs

“, notes Klaus Schulz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, PFU EMEA Limited.

Retail price and availability date

Fujitsu fi-7700 and fi-7760 document scanners are already available from Fujitsu channel partners. The recommended retail price for the fi-7700 model is &euro 9499 &pound 8100, $9450 , fi-7760 models: &euro 5749 &pound 4899, $6775 excluding VAT.

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