Fujitsu fi-7460 and fi-7480 document scanners – unmatched versatility for your workplace

New York, March 14, 2016. PFU EMEA Ltd., a subsidiary of Fujitsu, introduces fi-7460 and fi-7480 – compact and inexpensive desktop scanners with automatic document feeder and extensive functionality that are great for companies scanning large volumes of documents for a variety of purposes. The new models are compact and offer scanning speeds of up to 60 or 80 sheets per minute 120 or 160 A4 images for both sides, landscape orientation, color, 300 dpi and offer best-in-class technology for scanning a wide range of media, from plastic cards to paper documents A8 to A1 .

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New Fujitsu scanners for enterprise users fi-7480 and fi-7460

  • Universal scanners for documents of various formats up to A1, heavy paper, sealed envelopes and plastic cards.
  • The most compact scanners in their class with a unique price-performance ratio.
  • PaperStream software and state-of-the-art hardware is your first step towards a fully digital workflow.

Power in a compact body

With recommended maximum scanning capacities of 9,000 and 12,000 pages per day respectively, these models are perfectly suited to most office tasks – from scanning standard documents in high volumes to supporting a variety of formats. With dimensions of 380mm length x 209mm width , the new fi scanner is a record for its class.

Gentle paper handling

A compact design houses a reliable feeding mechanism with acoustic sensor paper protection and advanced anti-shear technology, ensuring that even the most delicate paper is safe, while brake rollers gently separate documents and prevent paper jams. Manual feeding mode for efficient scanning of heavyweight documents, including sealed envelopes and heavyweight material up to 413g/m2. Feeder rails can move independently of each other to let users adjust feed width for reliable scanning of mixed document stacks. New paper output and stacking system from Fujitsu designed specifically for desktop scanners with superior paper handling technology and output speed control for orderly document stacking. A brake roller lift lever makes it easier to stack stacks of documents, single sheets or even envelopes on the tray for further scanning and processing, reducing strain on the user.

Supports a variety of media

New scanner models support paper sizes from A8 to A3, A1 and A2 folded sheets, plastic cards up to 1.4mm thick, and documents up to 5.5m long. Manual work is minimized: with mixed stack scanning you can forget about pre-sorting forever.

Step forward with the fi-7460/fi-7480

New scanners are designed for maximum efficiency: instant scanning right after power-on saves you time. Automated proofing, optimized paper and image processing, and intelligent mixed stack scanning technologies save time every step of the way to digital workflow. Low power consumption of 42W and 47W and an auto power saving mode reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. Together, these features increase productivity without detriment to the user.

“Continuous scanning at 60 or 80 pages per minute and the ability to import all pages of a document into one file greatly reduce the time it takes to digitize. A true breakthrough in versatile desktop scanning. They offer a significant reduction in time spent on routine work at a very attractive price,” notes Klaus Schulz, Director Product Marketing EMEA, PFU EMEA Ltd.

“The fi-7480 and fi-7460 are the most compact scanners in their class, with the traditional broad functionality of the fi series scanners,” says Mike Nelson, vice president of PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd. – PaperStream’s advanced hardware and software make these scanners the perfect companions on the road to a fully digital workflow.”.

PaperStream software for improved image quality and operational efficiency

Scanners include PaperStream software, responsible for high quality scanned work documents. It processes digitized data using optical character recognition OCR systems and synchronizes with popular TWAIN or ISIS scanning applications. The PaperStream Capture app allows users to customize the flow of documents including batches of documents at every step. After scanning a batch of documents, the user can check data, re-sort documents, merge them into a single file, automatically create an index and upload documents to a local or remote depository, workflow or ECM system immediately after the operation or later. All of these features make the PaperStream platform an important step on the road to digital workflow.

Fujitsu fi-7460 and fi-7480 scanners will be available from Fujitsu sales partners starting March 2016. Recommended retail price: €2,995, excluding VAT for the fi-7460 model and €3,995, excluding VAT for the fi-7480 model.

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