Exceptional ergonomics: The new hacksaws from Bosch for professionals

High-performance tools with unique ergonomics: the new professional tool grinders from Bosch: the cordless GSA 18V-32 Professional and the cable GSA 16-32 Professional. Both models are more compact than previous Bosch sabre saws and have a new handle. This handle – unlike the usual end handle – gives the new hacksaws a comfortable grip in different positions along with reliable guidance even in difficult applications over long periods of time.


Bosch GSA 18V-32 Professional

Cordless or cordless: low-vibration, compact size and high performance

The GSA 18V-32 Professional cordless hacksaw is equipped with a 6.0 Ah battery as standard and has the best possible performance-to-weight ratio in its class. It is a high-performance alternative to corded tools and is suitable for overhead work, such as trimming assembly lines or ventilation shafts in the home or for demolition work – simply and cordlessly. The GSA 16-32 Professional is the most powerful professional cable saw from Bosch: with 1600 watts it covers a wide range of applications, making even very complex tasks quick and efficient.

The tools are also equipped with an active vibration damping system that Bosch first tested specifically on hacksaws: a balancing weight installed in the gear housing provides continuous counteraction to the mass forces. The new sabre saws therefore have the lowest vibration output of their class. The result: fatigue-free work.

Sabre saws

Bosch GSA 16-32 Professional

Functional equipment for easy, fast and precise work

Both sabre saws feature a separately activatable reciprocating lever for high cutting performance. The stroke frequency also varies and can be adjusted to suit the material to be cut. The hacksaws also have a soft start mechanism that makes it possible to accurately start every cut. High operating comfort is guaranteed by the long switch: even with the most atypical grip, it can be easily switched on and off.

Changing saw blades with protective gloves without tools is also made simple due to the special transfer mechanism: The SDS chuck is unlocked and the saw blade is released by turning the large ring at the front of the saw. In addition, the hacksaws can easily be suspended from a ladder or scaffolding with a metal hook in between jobs. It saves time and effort.

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