Epson L200 is the first Epson MFP without cartridges, print price – 7 kopecks.

EpsonIntroduces a new color multifunction device for business users from the Epson Printing Factory series, the Epson L200! Epson Printing Factory” line of devices is an original Epson development. All devices are a unique combination of the incredibly reliable Epson Micro Piezo piezo printing technology and a new printing design with built-in ink tanks. This ink supply system has been designed for convenient use of the device in the field of printing for business.

Epson L200 MFP

Record low cost of printing

With the Epson L200’s large ink tanks and 70ml ink containers, you can print a large volume of documents at a record low cost:

– A4 size monochrome documents – 7 kopecks per page,

– A4 size color document – less than 20 kopecks per page1.

High print quality

Thanks to the original Epson Micro Piezo printing technology, precise pressure control in ink containers, and unique Epson inks you always get color and black and white prints of the highest quality on plain paper.

New Epson ink was specially developed for Epson Printing Factory line.

Reliable and convenient operation

All Epson Printing Factory products feature cartridge-free printing. For the first time Epson has introduced an MFP with built-in ink tanks. Genuine Epson ink is refilled in built-in 70 ml containers. Original design of the containers makes operation easy even for inexperienced users.

Besides, special system of ink blocking in containers guarantees safe transportation of the device, excluding possibility of ink leakage. Specially engineered materials that make up the components of the device ensure a long service life of the printer without breakage.

Compact size

Compact size and stylish design allow the Epson L200 to fit into any, even a limited, workspace. Business users get the printing, scanning and copying needed in the office.

Maria Khlyustova, Product Manager for Inkjet Devices at Epson Europe B, New York.V., Comments: “Epson L200 is the first multifunctional device in the unique “Epson Printing Factory” series.

For the first time the vendor offers business users such favorable conditions for office printing, scanning and copying while maintaining reliability, high performance and service warranty for the equipment”.

Epson warranty

The Epson L200 MFP comes with a warranty of 6 months or 6,000 prints whichever comes first 2.


[1] Epson internal calculation based on recommended retail prices and resource data. Epson container yield data is based on measurements made according to Epson methodology using ISO/IEC 24712 test print samples. Resource data is NOT based on ISO/IEC24711. Data can vary significantly depending on printed images, print settings, paper type, frequency of use, humidity and print temperature.

[2] Only when using original Epson consumables.

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  1. Rowan

    Can you provide more information on the technology used in the Epson L200 printer that allows it to print without cartridges? How does this affect the print quality and overall performance of the printer? And could you explain what is meant by “print price – 7 kopecks”?

  2. Waverly

    How does the Epson L200 manage to print without using cartridges and still maintain a low print price of 7 kopecks?

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