Epson presents a new model of Epson Printing Factory – printer Epson L120 – the most affordable printer of this series

EpsonIntroduces an upgrade to the Epson Printing Factory line, the Epson L120 four-color printer. New Epson printer Epson L120 is the most affordable device in the entire line of “Epson Printing Factory”. At the same time it maintains record low cost of printing – only 20 kopecks per color A4 print.


“Epson Printing Factory – inkjet printers and MFPs without cartridges!

Epson Printing Factory” line of devices is an original development of Epson. All devices are a combination of the reliable Epson Micro Piezo piezo printing technology and the unique design with built-in ink tanks. The system has been designed to reduce printing costs as much as possible.

The Epson L120 has an improved ink tank design, each with a 40 ml capacity. New design allows easier refueling and transportation of the device, as well as reduction of the cost of the printer itself. Consumable materials for Epson L120 remain the same as for all four-color devices of the series “Epson Printing Factory” – these are ink containers with capacity of 70 ml each.

Printing cost of Epson L120 is only 20 kopecks per A4 page. The starter ink set lasts for: 3,500 color prints.

High quality printing

Thanks to the original Epson Micro Piezo printing technology, precise pressure control in ink tanks, and unique Epson inks that were specially developed for the Epson Printing Factory line of devices – the print is always of consistently high quality even on plain paper!

Epson convenience and reliability

Feature of all Epson Printing Factory devices is printing without cartridges. Original Epson ink is refilled in built-in containers. Container design in the Epson L120 printer makes this procedure even easier, allowing even the inexperienced user to refill. In addition, a special system of locking the ink in the tanks ensures safe transportation of the device, eliminating the possibility of ink leakage.

All devices of Epson Printing Factory series are covered by the official warranty from the manufacturer. On the Epson L120 it is 12 months or 15,000 prints whichever comes first [1].

Ilya Khokhlov, Product Manager for Inkjet Products at Epson Europe Europe B, New York.V., Comments: “Epson continues to improve the Epson Printing Factory series. New Epson L120 allows the company not only to strengthen its positions in the segment of inkjet printers but also to enter a new market – affordable printing devices. “Now by purchasing the Epson Printing Factory, the consumer gets a double benefit: the affordability of the device itself and the record low cost of printing.”.

[1] Only if original Epson consumables are used.

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