Element el’blendia EW06PR/EW06PG kitchen processor test

The first thing that really impresses is the storage system, which is well thought out. All “riches” – nozzles, the blender itself, a mini-shredder, a wire – are compactly and rationally placed on the base-stand and covered with a cover. Elegant in appearance and dustless in appearance. El’blendia design won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Second important point: the 3 knives, designed for chopping, smoothing and pureeing, are installed directly inside the main attachment. They ensure even mixing and free movement of ingredients. The knives are easy to change, with a very secure attachment, and to avoid cutting yourself while removing or replacing knives, the brush and silicone scraper has special grooves that will remove the knives effortlessly.

Kitchen Processors

Kitchen processor


max 120 W 5000/12000 rpm .


2 speeds 2 speed – turbo mode , 2 degrees of grinding in the mini chopper.


Mashing, sauces, mayonnaise, dough for pancakes, mashed soups, smoothies, whipping, crushing meat and other foods, crushing ice, grinding nuts, cereals, coffee, spices, cheese and chocolate.


parking base with storage space for attachments and cord, cleaning brush, silicone spatula scraper , mixing bowl with lid 0.8 l, mini grinder volume for fine grinding with plate – 80 ml, for coarse grinding without plate – 170 ml , booklet with recipes. Attachments: whisk, mixing ring for sauces, smoothie and juice blender, chopper, puree maker.


Main unit: 175×55 mm, with extension “foot” : 350×55 mm. Cord length 1.7 meter.


820g motor unit + classic blender without accessories .


red with white EW06PR , gray with white EW06PG .


Switzerland-America element and Japan Kai .




5 years.


1 year.

Processed food


The speed buttons are rolled up under the rubber grip and are hard to press. This is a very good thing for safety: they cannot be pressed by accident if they are bumped. The handle is ergonomically shaped and lies comfortably in both right and left hands, and thanks to the rubberized material it does not slip.

The blending jug is very good: we liked the shape, the handle, the optimal volume, the graduation in milliliters easy to follow the recipe and the tightly closing lid that allows storing the dish directly in this jug. The jug is also an extra strong point to put the blender in while you prepare food.

Jug withstands considered temperature fluctuations, from -30 to -80°C. It can be put in the freezer compartment, for example, if you prepare mincemeat for future use. I really liked the recipe book – it was done with passion, not “for show”, the recipes are interesting, detailed, with beautiful photos of dishes, with an emphasis on healthy eating and tips on what attachments to use. All dishes in this booklet can be prepared with available products. The booklet is accompanied by the user manual, which is written with respect to the consumer: perfectly translated and illustrated, no questions remain about the use of the appliance.

Bowl processors
Kitchen processors


Model is equipped with a DC motor. With only 120 Watt, the speed of the blades reaches 10-12 thousand rpm.

Advantages of DC motors: long non-stop action up to 5 minutes , no vibration

The element is very quiet and only comes into contact with the food, e.g. when you grind coffee, nuts or ice cubes. A DC motor made by JOHNSON, which has a half-century history of producing top-notch motors.

Knives for this model are manufactured by the Japanese Kai Corporation, one of the world’s leaders in this industry. The shape of the knives allows the el`blendia to process food professionally. Chopper blade is perfectly sharpened, its rounded shape provides a long cutting surface. It is suitable for preparing minced meat and fish.

A cutter for purees, mousses and sauces has four curved blades. They rotate in six planes. Smoothie cutter has special blades that rotate in five planes and sharpened vertical blades in the shape of trapezoids. Designed for smoothies and icebreakers.

For making emulsion sauces there is a special cylinder-shaped nozzle, which is unparalleled on the market. Its compact size and cylindrical shape allow you to mix ingredients in small containers and make just the right amount of sauce.


Test #1.

Whipping egg whites.

We start with an easy one: 1 egg white and a pinch of salt. At first we whipped with the whisk on low speed – we got airy foam, then we increased the speed – and in 20 seconds we got a solid mass, which was well kept on the whisk and showed those “stable peaks”, which are required for meringues.

Food processing
Kitchen processors

Test # 2.

Making homemade mayonnaise.

A special attachment should ensure high quality emulsifying mixing of oil and water particles and transformation of the set of ingredients into a homogeneous mass. We made mayonnaise according to the recipe in the booklet: we took 1 raw egg, 250 ml of oil, 1 tsp. Spoonful of mustard and 1 tsp. a spoonful of lemon juice.

And we broke all mayonnaise cooking rules: it is said that all ingredients must be of the same temperature, but our egg and lemon were from the fridge, and we mixed them by adding oil not by drop, as it is usually recommended, but all at once, as it is written in the booklet to this blender. But the nozzle coped with it brilliantly: indeed, the consistency came out just perfect – and the main thing is that it remained so for two days, until the sauce was eaten.

Food Processing

Test #3.

Making pasta sauce.

For vegetable sauce we had to grind tomatoes in their own juice, we did it right in the “native” jar, while the mixture of eggplants, peppers, onions and carrots was quickly frying in a wok. We added tomato mass to vegetables, boiled it, sprinkled with Italian herbs and salt – the sauce was ready in 5 minutes.

Food processing
Product processing

Test #4.

We chop the meat.

The stuffing was made from a chicken breast. In this experiment, we made a mistake with the attachment: we used a smoothie knife instead of a chopper. And nothing – the stuffing turned out great! Repeated with the right attachment – same thing, but faster.

How to process food

Test #5.

Grinding the Parmesan.

The Parmesan is a tough test, the cheese is very hard a little dried out and greasy at the same time. Using a mini-shredder. According to the instructions, I cannot grind more than 40 grams of Parmesan at a time. The cheese should be cut into cubes no bigger than 2×2 cm, we have smaller cubes. The shredder has an additional cover to reduce the volume, which is useful if you shred a small amount of product.

The first “pancake” was a bit tricky: pieces got stuck under the knife, there was no movement, and the blender turned off: such is the safety check – the overheat protection worked. After resting for about 10 minutes, the device worked again.

Food Processing
Kitchen processors

Test no. 6.

Chop the onions.

We use the mini chopper again, but without the space-saving lid. By the way, the volume is enough to shred one medium-sized onion – it must be chopped into pieces. Basically enough for a pan of meatballs.

Food processor


Test #7.

Making Mashed Potatoes.

Using the purée maker, this time for its intended purpose. We cooked the puree directly in the pot, after 30 seconds we got a fluffy homogeneous mass.


Excellent performance in all tests, convenient storage system, multifunctionality, jug with lid, low noise level, overheat protection, quality assembly, premium design.

Processing of products

The mini shredder could be bigger.

Bowl processors


Kitchen processors

Kitchen processors

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