Electrolux launches a new generation of dishwashers with AirDry technology

Electrolux introduces a new generation of dishwashers with AirDry technology. The new technology means that the door of the dishwasher automatically opens 10cm after each wash program, so that your dishes are left completely dry through natural ventilation, making it easy to put them away in the cupboard without leaving any residual water marks.

Built-in dishwashers

Features of AirDry technology

Many people load the dishes in the evening and run the machine overnight, and unload only in the morning or after work, or sometimes even turn on the dishwasher and leave for the weekend. You’ll notice condensation on the walls of the wash compartment and the dishes themselves if you don’t open the door when the program is finished. The reason is that the residual moisture cannot evaporate and settles on freshly washed dishes, and this is not only ugly, but also dangerous, because moisture is a very attractive environment for the development of bacteria and germs.

Electrolux has a new solution – dishwashers with AirDry technology, that automatically open the door when the program is finished! The machine itself opens the door 10 cm and lets the excess moisture and steam out it won’t be much, and the air inside has time to cool a bit, so the steam won’t damage the furniture , and the dishes are left to dry quickly and easily through natural ventilation.

Built-in appliances

That is you can start the desired washing mode and quietly mind your own business: go to work, go to bed, play with the kids or even go on a weekend out of town – AirDry will automatically open the door, and you then have only to put away perfectly dry and clean dishes in the closet. And no streaks, no bacteria, no smells!

Even with the fast 30-minute wash program, you’ll still get dishes absolutely dry, thanks to AirDry. 10 minutes after the end of the program the door slightly opens, and in another 5-7 minutes the hot dishes will finish drying naturally.

Built-in appliances

Cost and availability

The first free-standing Electrolux AirDry ESF9423LMW goes on sale in June 2017. Price – from 23990 Dollars. The range of Electrolux built-in models with AirDry technology will be available for American customers in July:

Electrolux ESL95321LO built-in dishwasher – from 24500 p

Built-in dishwasher Electrolux ESL97540RO – from 87000 p

Built-in dishwasher Electrolux ESL97845RA – from 90000 Dollars

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