The new generation of Miele Generation 6000 dishwashers: the ideal solution for your kitchen

Dishwashers in the highest energy efficiency class A+++* feature the smart and patented retractable 3D cutlery basket. The unique Knock2open function makes the models fit snugly into kitchen interiors without handles – the door opens automatically by just tapping twice


Large appliances for the kitchen

The new dishwashers are designed down to the last detail: the elegant stainless steel upper edge of the door makes a harmonious statement in the kitchen environment. The display of the machines with an open hood is a perfect match for the Generation 6000 range of built-in kitchen appliances.

Miele’s patented smart retractable 3D cutlery tray allows even bulky cutlery to be placed compactly. It is adjustable in three dimensions: width, depth and height, so it adapts perfectly to any machine load. Large items like ladles and whisk attachment can easily fit in the dishwasher. Long-stemmed glasses can be easily loaded into the upper box by simply sliding the sides of the tray.


The new dishwashers use as little as 6.5 liters of water per cycle and consume much less water than washing up in the sink. Top rated energy efficiency class A+++ guarantees lower energy consumption and better cleaning and drying results. The Eco Feedback flow rate display on the screen provides you with precise information on water and energy consumption when you select a programme.

The new Extra dry and Extra ECO options are designed to complement the automatic wash programs and allow you to customize the wash programs to your own personal preferences.

The “Extra ECO” option reduces energy consumption by setting the temperature and cycle time. Extra dry guarantees perfect drying: thanks to the longer drying phase and increased water temperature during rinsing, all dishes, including glasses and plastic items, are dried perfectly.

The new self-cleaning function cleans the interior of the machine, removing limescale and grease deposits.

Miele has developed the AutoOpen function to dry glassware and plasticware particularly gently. The patented system means that at the end of the wash program, the dishwasher door is automatically ajar, allowing excess moisture to evaporate and preventing water stains on the delicate glass. Plastic dishes are also completely dry.


When opening the door of the appliance the light of BrilliantLight automatically switches on, consisting of 4 LED lamps, which evenly illuminate the inner space of the dishwasher.

A special feature of these new dishwashers is the Knock2open function – the appliance door opens automatically, you only have to knock twice on it. Thanks to this unique system, the dishwashers fit harmoniously into laconic kitchen interiors with handle-less fronts.

The user interface is practical and self-explanatory: The TimeControl LED indicator shows how much time is left before the cleaning cycle is complete. Fully integrated dishwashers feature a stainless steel Touch-on-metal control panel with a sophisticated design.

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