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“The CLIENT LOVES. Technique of this British brand is known for the fact that it serves for many years, does not require additional consumables, and most importantly – quickly and qualitatively performs its work. Today’s hero

Dyson V7Animalpro.

Vertical vacuum cleaners


How Dyson V6, V7 and V8 models differ?

Main differences are in terms of running time, surface nozzles and post-motor filter.

Our last test already confirmed that the V6 runs for 20 minutes in basic mode, the V7 claims 30 minutes check it out , the V8 promises up to 40 minutes of continuous cleaning 35 minutes according to our test .

To decide on your purchase, it’s worth thinking about which attachments you need. The choice depends on the surface you want your vacuum to clean.


Dyson V6

Dyson V7

Dyson V8


Dyson V6 digitally controlled motor

Digitally controlled Dyson V7 motor

Digitally controlled Dyson V8 engine

Powerful time without recharging

Up to 20 minutes

Up to 30 minutes

Up to 40 minutes

Post-motor filter that traps the smallest particles and allergens

+ Dyson V7Animalpro



Universal electric brush with carbon fiber bristles

This is a universal, direct-drive nozzle

Mini electric upholstery and pet hair brush

Slotted nozzle

Combo nozzle

Flexible crevice nozzle.

Versatile direct-drive nozzle for cleaning carpets and hard floors

Nozzle with soft roller for cleaning hard surfaces from fine dust and coarse debris at the same time

Scrubbing nozzle

Combination nozzle

Mini electric brush for upholstered furniture

Soft bristle brush for electronics.


Hygienic bin cleaning

Hygienic container cleaning

Reduced noise level


The Dyson V7 cordless vacuum cleaner is available in three models:

  • Dyson V7 Motorhead with a 35W direct-drive universal nozzle for carpet and hard flooring, as well as slot and combination nozzles.
  • Dyson V7 Motorhead Extra with optional stiff bristle brush for tackling stubborn dirt.
  • Dyson V7 Animalpro – in addition to the main universal nozzle with direct drive, flexible crevice, crevice and combined nozzle is equipped with a special mini electric brush for cleaning upholstered furniture from dust and pet hair. Equipped with a powerful filtration system that traps the smallest particles and traps up to 99.97% of allergens and bacteria as small as 0.3 micron.
  • Included accessory bag keeps all accessories in one place.


Cleaning with the main nozzle


At first glance it looks as simple as a roller with a band of multi-coloured bristles across the width of the brush head. Nylon bristles deeply penetrate into the carpet pile, removing ingrained dirt, while carbon fiber bristles remove fine dust from hard floors. This friendly help of different materials makes it a versatile brush.

Note the cleaning time!

Vacuuming time with the main brush is 29 minutes in normal mode and 6 minutes in Turbo mode. The first mode is designed for daily tidying up the apartment.

The second suited for intensive cleaning of heavily soiled floors, carpets, etc.d. and can be switched easily via a button on the handle.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaners


The manufacturer has made sure that not a single precious minute of charging this cordless vacuum cleaner is lost. That’s why it only works when the trigger under the handle is held down, switching off momentarily if you need to move to another room. This gives rise to conflicting impressions. I got used to holding this lever a long time ago, and new users talk about a little discomfort.


Like all Dyson vacuums, the Dyson V7 has a removable tube, which makes it easy to transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaners

Comes with a mini electric brush designed to remove pet hair from different surfaces. It’s also easy to vacuum your car’s fabric seats with this nozzle.

Cleaning the brush roll from coiled hair and hair is very easy: twist a coin lock on the side and it’s done.


The nozzle perfectly gathers hair and fur and cleans upholstered furniture.

But it’s not just pet hair in the house: Before you know it, there’s soil on the windowsill from the flowerpot. Take a combination nozzle, using the button on it select the position without the bristles, put it on the body of the vacuum cleaner without the tube . A couple of minutes and the ground is collected, and also the crumbs on the table – it’s no longer the cat helped. And if you extend the bristles, you can continue to clean and gently vacuum keyboards, baseboards, ventilation grills, batteries, air conditioners, furniture or other surfaces that can’t be scratched.


Turbo Turbo mode runs for 6 minutes and 40 seconds, while Normal mode runs for 28 minutes.

The system release the vacuum cleaner from the debris is carried out by lifting the lever on the housing. And while Dyson V6 was capable of trapping dust and debris in the dust bin, the new easy-clean system makes this unlikely. You just need to hold the vacuum cleaner over the garbage bag and pull the lever, the bulb rises and completely releases the cup. The bottom of the container tilts up and the dust ends up in the garbage can.




  • The cordless vacuum cleaner is lightweight and balanced, you don’t have to think about the range with it, because there are no wires. And it’s great for high upholstery cleaning.
  • All parts of the vacuum cleaner connect to each other “with one touch”, convenient and fast. Attachment mechanisms for nozzles are big, easy and comfortable.
  • The main brush is very maneuverable, goes everywhere, and is easy to reach under the bed.
  • In addition to the standard crevice nozzle, the Flexi flexible crevice nozzle is available. It extends and bends to get dust out of all the hard-to-reach places.

Only recently we noted that not all nozzles and brushes are convenient to store although some of them are attached to the parking module . And now the manufacturer presents a model with a bag for storing accessories.

Vertical vacs


To keep your vacuum cleaner working well for a long time you need to take care of it. It’s uncomplicated, but it’s important. The manufacturer recommends rinsing the filter once a month. If you forget about it, one day you will be faced with a big drop in suction power – does not suck, in general. The Dyson Service Centre always comes to the rescue in such cases, and the first thing they ask you is: “Have you washed the filter recently??” I recommend that you don’t forget about monthly water treatments.


It’s really easy to do: the filter is removed in one motion, then it can simply be rinsed under a stream of cold water and dried at room temperature.

Important: It is imperative to rinse the filter without using any detergent.

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are suitable for allergy sufferers. This is the result firstly of the absolute air-tightness of the design, secondly of the 2 Tier Radial™ cyclonic airflow filtration technology and thirdly of the highly effective fine filtering system located on top of the vacuum cleaner, after the cyclones.

According to the manufacturer, the filter system can trap the smallest particles, trapping allergens and bacteria down to 0.3 microns.

Vacuum cleaners

Test 4. Crash test

We couldn’t help but test the Dyson V7 by dropping it on the tiles – an important consideration, as the plastic container must survive the possible blows of fate. We know that the Dyson factory in Malaysia has special employees who crash-test Dyson vacuum cleaners – throwing them, for example, and trying to break them in all sorts of ways. Therefore, it is not surprising that our helper was resistant and passed the test.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaners


Dyson V7 Animal Pro vacuum cleaner can easily cope with the cleaning of 1 – 2 rooms apartment, we managed and in three rooms to bring a shine in 30 minutes. It is comfortable and easy to use, has an optimal set of brushes and nozzles, thoughtful storage, charging and cleaning system.

V7 digital motor with high suction power, filtering system, easy upgrading to a portable model, wall-mounted parking module to recharge and store the vacuum cleaner and its detachable attachments, new hygienic container cleaning system.

It doesn’t come with a second filter, and what do you do on the day when the first one is drying in the bathtub?

Super Vertical Vacuum Cleaners

POWER: 350 Watts, 21 ABT suction, 100 ABT in turbo mode.

FILTERING: 2 Tier Radial technology, washable HEPA filter.

CONTAINER: transparent, plastic, volume 0.54 l.

FEATURES: 2 modes of operation with switchable handle, digitally controlled motor, new container cleaning system, transformable to handheld

BATTERY: Li-Ion, 2800 mAh 65 wK, continuous operating time – up to 30 min. standard mode , up to 25 minutes. with 35 W direct-drive nozzle , 6 min. turbo mode .

COMPLETE: universal direct drive nozzle, mini electric brush, combination nozzle, crevice nozzle, Flexi flexible crevice nozzle, parking module for easy storage, accessory bag

SIZES: 124.3x21x25 cm. WEIGHT: 2.4 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


Vacuum cleaners

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