Dyson DC52 Animal Complete vacuum cleaner test

I didn’t have cats. I mean, I didn’t buy it, I didn’t choose a breed, and in general I didn’t want to – I love dogs. They turned on themselves: the choice was simple – let them die or take them away, feed them, treat them. My oldest cat is 9, the same age as me trying to get rid of all the hair in the house. To look at the vacuum cleaner Dyson DC52 Animal Complete staff came to visit me “Consumer” and enthusiastically started to help the cat Sonya and Timon cat dirty my house.

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Dyson DC52 Animal Complete dry vacuum cleaner



The patented Dyson Cinetic cyclonic technology: a system of 54 cyclones with moving nozzles that create powerful centrifugal forces to separate even the smallest dust particles from the air. Movable nozzles vibrate at high speed to prevent clogging in cyclones and maintenance-free filter: no need to wash or change it.


nozzle suction: 290 watts.


Test: Ball technology, mechanical airflow “trigger” on the handle , telescopic tube, 2L transparent dust container, dust container fill indicator, cord length 6.5m, 10m range, automatic cord rewind.


Turbo brush with carbon fiber bristles, Combination nozzle, Cushion mopping nozzle, Floating nozzle for hard floors, Mini Turbo Brush, Hard Bristle nozzle.


: 507x261x368 mm.


: 7.8 kg.


5 years.

Country of assembly

WARRANTY: Malaysia.


: 30 990 Dollars.


Nozzles attach to the tube “one touch”. Large snap mechanism to easily and quickly attach and detach nozzles.

Thanks to the Ball technology, the vacuum cleaner is fast, easy to turn in place and maneuver among the furniture, as if it obeys your thought: it seems that it moves by itself.

The airflow rate can be reduced when you want to vacuum, for example, a small rug or delicate upholstery. For this purpose, there is a “trigger” on the handle, which when pressed, opens the valve, where part of the air flow is diverted. The device is conveniently located and easy to push.

Dust container is detachable from the body by pressing the button. It is convenient to hold by the handle, and it is emptied as follows: you just need to hold it over a trash can or bag, but optimally – put it there so that dust and debris do not fly around, and press the button that opens the container.

No filter-wash indication: a Dyson Cinetic vacuum cleaner has no need for this: the filter will last the lifetime of the cleaner.


It has a very high airflow rate, and thanks to the new cyclone technology now with 54 instead of 28 cyclones it has a high airflow rate now with 28 cyclones ! of Dyson Cinetic technology, the suction power doesn’t shrink: we’ve made sure the bin is almost full, and we’ve seen it continue to deliver the same high levels of performance.


The main part of the test is to see how the nozzles work, designed specifically to effectively remove ingrained dirt, hair and hair. To simulate such dirt I had to spend a week combing out the hair of two unsuspecting cats, one a short-haired cat with a prickly, clinging hair and the other a luxury hair that sticks to all the textiles in the house.

Dyson DC52 Animal CompleteIMG_0063_opt vacuum cleaner

Big Turbo Brush

The new Combi-fiber Turbo Brush has been designed for this series of vacuum cleaners. It comes apart easily for cleaning, and the bristles on it are very tight. Let’s see how she does on our assignments.

After the wool was laid out on the long pile carpet, we walked on it and even jumped on it! , and then generously sprinkled a mixture of cereal, tea, dried herbs and sugar. It’s time for the turbo brush. Our photographer, who took pictures of the process, smiled incredulously: “Well, this is too much!”But we think a Dyson vacuum cleaner should also work when there’s ‘too much’ dirt, otherwise what’s the point of innovating??

Dyson DC52 Animal CompleteIMG_0079_opt vacuum cleaner


one pass of the turbo brush and visually no dirt left. The carpet is light, so you can see everything. The dust canister is transparent, so you can see a lot of dirt. The passage of the nozzle back – the debris continues to enter the nozzle, we can hear and feel it, although it looks clean. Third pass of the nozzle – almost no dirt, fourth pass – no dirt at all.

It turned out that some of the debris had spilled under the carpet it doesn’t have a solid base and the vacuum simply pulled the dirt from under the carpet through the same! We realized this when we carefully moved the carpet to another spot and saw the clean space underneath the brush passages and the layer of dirt around the edges.

Great for any carpeting because a lot of dirt accumulates under it, but especially for carpeting. And what about the fur?? Interestingly, there was almost none on the roller of the turbo brush: everything slipped into the dust canister – such is the power of suction.

Dyson DC52 Animal CompleteIMG_0073_opt vacuum cleaner

Mini turbo brush

This model has a very interesting mini-turbo nozzle for upholstered furniture: it does not have a roller, but has another mechanism that helps pick up wool. It’s like a gear wheel: driven by the airflow, it pulls the dirt down into the brush head. The good thing about this design is that it doesn’t need to be cleaned like a normal turbo-brush roller: it’s just not there.

Dyson DC52 Animal CompleteIMG_0075_opt vacuum cleaner

The tests were conducted on long-suffering chairs with velvet upholstery. Cats, as you know, choose the best and sleep on these very “chairs from the palace,” which did not even have to specially dirty the hair: there was plenty of it. To say that the hair disappeared quickly, – nothing to say.

But after the success of the big turbo brush, this is what we’ve been waiting for. At the end of the test, we removed the nozzle to look at its design once again, and realized this: no roller with bristles – and the upholstery is not damaged, this nozzle can be used even for very delicate fabrics.

New Dyson Cinetic technology, no consumables or filter maintenance, consistently high suction power, advanced pet hair nozzles, very handy mobile nozzle for hard floors, excellent maneuverability, easy to clean dust bag.

The range of 10 meters may not be enough for large rooms.

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