Dyson DC52 Animal Complete Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The benefits of the technology are: no need to clean the roller, excellent performance in cleaning hair, hair and other debris from carpets, upholstery and car interiors.

Vacuum cleaners

Dyson DC52 Animal Complete Dry Cleaner


No consumables at all

The air filter does not need to be changed or washed thanks to the innovative cyclonic technology.


Advanced pet hair extraction nozzles

Turbo brush easily removes hair and fur from carpets. After cleaning, you can disassemble the brush in seconds for cleaning. The small turbo brush has a unique design: it has no rollers, but instead has a different mechanism that resembles gears. They are driven by the power of the air flow and, rotating towards each other, they literally pull hair and fur into the nozzle. No need to clean the roller, excellent cleaning results for hair, hair and other debris on carpets, upholstery and automobile interiors.

Technology for the home

Consistently high suction power ● Digital vacuum cleaning system

The patented Dyson Cinetic™ cyclonic technology is a feature of all Dyson vacuums. It has 54 flexible nozzles that generate powerful centrifugal forces to separate dust particles from the air. Superior cyclonic nozzles vibrate at high speed, preventing clogging in the cyclones and keeping the filter maintenance-free – no need to wash or change it.


Ball™ technology

Thanks to the low center of gravity and ball shape of the body, the vacuum cleaner obediently and quickly drives, turns on the spot, deftly bypasses corners and various obstacles, does not cling to the folds of carpets and maneuvers between furniture.

Easy push-button cleaning system

One touch of a button empties the dust container. Easy to detach and reinsert and the transparency of the dust canister allows you to see how full it is.


Movable nozzle for hard floors ● Motorized nozzle for hard floors

In addition to the turbo brush, the package includes this nozzle with movable mount and a narrow base, which gives it extraordinary maneuverability and the ability to reach those places that are often left out when cleaning: the spaces around the legs of furniture, between and under furniture.

Home Appliance


POWER: 290 aeroW suction power.

CONSTRUCTION: Ball™ technology, trigger button for mechanical adjustment of airflow, telescopic tube, 2 L transparent dust container cord length 6.5 m, 10 m range, auto cord rewind.

INGREDIENTS: Turbo Bristle brush with carbon fiber bristles, Combo Brush, Nozzle for upholstered furniture, Movable Nozzle for hard floor, Mini Turbo Brush, Nozzle with stiff bristles.

SIZE: 507mm x 261mm x 368mm.

WEIGHT: 7,8 kg.

WARRANTY: 5 years.


PRICE: 30 990 Dollars.

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