Dell Wyse 5470 Series thin clients with Wyse ThinOS in notebook and monoblock form factors.

Dell Technologies introduces the updated Wyse thin clients, designed for easy and straightforward integration into any virtualized or cloud infrastructure. Desktop and application virtualization solutions address a variety of challenges in regulated industries, from healthcare and retail to financial or government services, from users performing basic tasks to those requiring high computing power. The Wyse 5470 AIO thin client and Wyse 5470 mobile thin client add two new form factors to Dell’s portfolio of similar solutions.


Dell Wyse 5470: Optimizing Mobility and Productivity

Companies are constantly faced with the challenge of equipping their mobile, non-stationary employees with secure devices to access critical data. Today’s managers need to be able to connect to all their applications and devices quickly, easily and securely-whether at the workplace, in the branch office, at home or in the store. Dell’s new mobile thin client is the perfect solution for all these tasks.

The Wyse 5470 is the most secure mobile thin client with its own, proprietary operating system, ThinOS, which has nothing unnecessary. Its features:

– From 10MB of firmware.

– Startup in 15 seconds, setup in 3 seconds, flashing in 30-60 seconds.

– Out-of-the-box configuration with DHCP and FTP/HTTP/HTTPS server.

– All-in-one solution:

1. No file system

2. No viruses

3. Can’t save or install anything

– Upgrade the OS three to four times a year.

Users can also choose to securely access cloud apps and virtualized workspaces from the secure Wyse ThinLinux OS with Ubuntu-based architecture, or choose Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS with additional security features from Dell. The Wyse 5470 slim client comes with a 14-inch HD or Full HD touchscreen display and supports up to two external 4K displays for even greater productivity when you’re at your desk.

Built-in unified communications support with Intel Wireless-AC 9650 with Bluetooth and optional front-facing HD camera for the ultimate in collaborative work. The Wyse 5470 features HDMI, VGA, USB-C, USB Type-A and RJ45 ports and supports most peripherals for faster, more efficient operation.


Dell Wyse 5470 All-in-One provides a more productive experience for cloud users

The new Wyse 5470 All-in-One thin client, thanks to its compact size, is ideal for remote and collaborative work and allows you to interact with the cloud with confidence. New system architecture delivers unmatched performance while maintaining a sleek, tidy design with a large 23.8-inch display and support for an external 4K display. It features an exclusive version of Dell Wyse ThinOS, the most secure operating system for thin clients,[1] or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise with additional security features from Dell. Wyse ThinOS and IoT Enterprise variants of Windows 10 are ready to connect to traditional VDI environments, cloud-hosted virtual desktops, or applications and cloud services.

Featuring DisplayPort display, six USB ports, RJ-45 and optional Bluetooth 5 wireless connectivity.0, the Wyse 5470 All-in-One offers support for a wide range of peripherals for faster, smarter workflow and efficient collaboration, with built-in unified communications support. Customers can choose different options to suit their work style. The Fixed rack is great for traditional desktops and workspaces, and the movable rack option easily adjusts to different angles.


One-touch setup and control from the cloud

Simplified setup, configuration and management make the Wyse 5470 and Wyse 5470 All-in-One thin clients ready to go right out of the box and easy to manage with both cloud and on-site Wyse Management Suite features. Wyse Management Suite software, optimized for deploying new and supporting existing solutions, is the only thin-client management system that comes with a mobile app. It gives IT professionals the ability to configure, reflash and support endpoint devices and respond to any business need

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