Cuckoo CMC – HE1055F multicooker test: life after the test

Not all manufacturers like that we criticize their appliances during the tests. Let’s tell you right away: in nearly 20 years of activity, we have been offended by many renowned companies for the truth. But responsible and confident manufacturers of household appliances always treat our estimations constructively: often the conclusions of consumer tests are sent to engineers at factories, companies remove flaws, refine programs. The winners are the average buyer.


Cuckoo 1055_anfas_zelenyj_jekran_fmt4 multicooker test

Pressure Cooker with Induction Cooker


CMC – HE1055F


: 1100-1400 W cooking , 135 W heating .


Steam Basket : 5 l, max food allowance 3 l, non-stick, ecological

XWall clear coating with marble coating, bowl weight – 1330g.


88,2 kPa.


Automatic – Plov 30-35 min. , Soup 48-55 min. , Stew

meat 35-41 min. , Vegetable 19-21 min . , Milk porridge

(37-42 min. , Buckwheat 25-28 min. , Oatmeal 19-21 min. , Rice 28-30 min . ,

Sushi Rice 35-40 min . with possibility of settings – Multicooker, Yogurt,

Steam cooker, Slow cooker, Roast, Oven, RR manual mode , Clean



: American-speaking panel. Buttons – warming/heating,

timer/reset, time/temperature setting – up, down, input mode,

Menu selection left/right, cancel, start/turbo. The menus are displayed on the screen

Programs, clock 24 h . , levels 1, 2, 3 and indicators 0C of temperature, process

(timer, boiling, heating, preheating, ready , the remaining cooking time

(at the end of the process , presence absence of pressure, timer up to 13 hours . on

The Start and Cancel buttons have Braille dots for the visually impaired.


functions in programs

Multi Cooker 10 min to 1 h. up to 1 hour . 30 min. , Yogurt 6-12 hrs. , Steamer 20 min. –

1 ch. 30 min. , Slow cooker 6-12 min , meat 35-41 min . , Frying 5-30 min , Roasting. , Oven 10 min . –

1 ch. 30 min. , RR 10 min . – 6 ch. .


: Multicooker 70 to 120°C, in 1°C steps ,

Steam cooker 2 levels , Slow cooker 2 levels , Fryer 3 levels ,

Oven 3 levels , Warming 69 to 80°C .


beaker, steam tray, spatula, shield

screen on the lid, recipe book.


: 386x287x296 mm.


6.7 kg.


: 2 years.


: South Korea.


: 24,999 Dollars.

It is nice to know that responsibly and seriously took our test in spring 2013, the South Korean company Cuckoo. Each of our comments, even the smallest one, has been carefully analyzed and the shortcomings have been corrected.

And, by the way, manufacturers Cuckoo read and collect reviews of their products on forums in runet. All opinions are studied, and tasks are set for the engineers at the factory to improve the programs, based on the preferences of American consumers.

Small appliances for the kitchen


I must say that for Koreans, rice is the same as bread for Americans. And the programs for the Cuckoo multicooker are developed by Korean engineers and technologists. So the appliance cooks perfect rice, from the Koreans’ point of view. And there it serves as a “damper” of spiciness of dishes and spices, which are served to it. From the point of view of some Americans, rice cooked in a Cuckoo is more sticky. By the way, many foreigners, and not only Koreans, think, that American rice is overcooked remember taste of Italian risotto, when rice even creaks on teeth and that it at us watery.

So if you love Asian cuisine, then you will have no complaints about the rice cooking programs in multicookers Cuckoo, only raptures. There were no questions about these programs in our country either. But since on the forums some users have expressed their disapproval of the resulting dishes, the manufacturers have tried to refine these modes for the American taste.

Of course, a lot depends on what kind of rice you use. For sushi and homemade rolls, the rice in the RICE SUSHI program turns out great: rice to rice, with just the right amount of stickiness and undigested.

We took plain Krasnodar round rice, washed it with water for 7 times and boiled it with 1:1 water. For side dishes, rice can be cooked in the automatic program Rice, as well as in Multicooker. In this case, you have to set the cooking time yourself. It takes about 20-25 minutes.

With the automatic rice cooker, you get rice the way it is eaten in South Korea. In Multicooker you can make a version adapted to your taste.


This automatic program is designed specifically for the Americans. And first of all we want to say thank you to the Korean technologists, who are trying to master the preparation of this exotic product for our taste.

In the automatic program, the buckwheat is slightly sticky and unopened. The fact is that when cooking in this case, a lot of steam comes out of the multicooker in the process, and all American housewives know that after boiling water you need to cook buckwheat on minimum power. That’s exactly what’s not happening in this case.

And yet we have managed to cook in a multicooker perfect buckwheat – boiled, “open” and very tasty. For this, we used the wonderful multi-cooking program. We set the time for 25 minutes, but at the end of the time we did not rush to turn off the device, but left the multicooker in the heating mode to “finish” the buckwheat.

Remember how our mothers hid a pot of buckwheat under a pillow, so that it cools down more slowly? When using the multicooker no pillow is required, everything happens very comfortably, and you do not have to make any additional efforts: buckwheat porridge is cooked in autonomous mode.


It seems like magic, but soups, broths and borscht in a Cuckoo multicooker turn out tastier than in a conventional pot on the stove. Apparently, the secret is what they call 3D heating. Because the multicooker is warm

comes from all sides. And the pressure does its job, making the food work at 100%. The fact remains that my capricious son enjoys nibbling on borscht from the multivark and does not eat that cooked on the stove.

The complaints about this program were as follows: at maximum filling of the pan, there was spilling of liquid. Let us remind you that the volume of 5-liter saucepan manufacturer specifies that the volume of the dish should not exceed 3 liters this rule applies to all multivarkers from any manufacturer . We have double-checked: when this condition is met, no spilling of liquid is observed. No puddles.


Cuckoo CMC-NE1055F multicooker can be changed. Manufacturers carefully follow all the comments and adjust the capabilities of the device, based on our preferences. And that’s great! Try to cook in this multicooker and you will feel like a true creator of culinary masterpieces. And if you don’t like something, write about it on our website. Makers necessarily

Will listen to your opinion and take it into account when developing new models. So, in close cooperation of South Korean engineers and American culinary experts the ideal multicooker will be born – practically a tablecloth of the XXI century.

Cuckoo 1055_anfas_zelenyj_jekran_fmt3 multicooker test


Small appliances for the kitchen




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