Mini review of the Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F multicooker

All programs are well thought out and allow you to cook not only tasty, but also healthy meals. There are even several cooking programs for cereals. This is a special Korean program Rice and adapted for America programs Buckwheat and Oatmeal.


Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F Multicooker


POWER: 1400 Watt max, 135 Watt in heating mode.

HEATING: economical, modern induction heating element, 3D-heating.

CONSTRUCTION: Non-heated handles on the bowl, removable protective inner lid screen, drain channels and condensate container.

Bowl: five-layer marble coated bowl, 5 l capacity for 2-10 persons .

CONTROL: light-illuminated display, indication of modes, American-language interface, voice guide for selection of program and action algorithm, notification of the beginning and end of cooking, errors during operation of programs. Adjusting the volume of the voice guide. Dot and Cancel buttons for the blind and visually impaired. Temperature setting function, delayed cooking mode.

ACCESSORIES: glass, spoon, steam cleaning rod, steam cooker grid.

PROGRAMMES: 9 automatic cooking programs, 7 selectable programs, steam cleaning, heating reheating.

SAFETY: lockable valve secured against unauthorized opening , gentle steam release system steam dryer , automatic steam release, steam release voice message .

PICTURE: 386x287x296 mm.

WEIGHT: 6,7 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years.



All programs are carefully designed to make your food not only tasty but healthy as well. There are even multiple cooking programs for groats. This is a special Korean rice program and buckwheat and oatmeal programs adapted for America. Intelligent electronics select the time and temperature depending on the amount of grains and water in the pan. You can not worry about the result: oatmeal will not run away, buckwheat will be the same as in the American oven – soft and fluffy, and rice – in the way they eat it in Korea: a little sticky and fragrant.

In general, the multicooker will help to feed the whole family: men will get a rich soup, well-done meat, but watching the figure ladies will be able to prepare diet dishes, which will also pleasantly surprise with its rich taste.

Well thought-out programs, convenient operation, easy care.

You have to buy a second bowl additionally.

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