Competent washing: review of the washing machine AEG L87695WD


Large capacity, inverter control, drying, steam, Woolmark certification.

Built-in washing machines

Natural limited set of programs.

The review of washing machine AEG L87695WDAEG_L87695WD

AEG washer-dryer L87695WD


WASHING: 9kg, class A.

DRYING: 7 kg, condensing.

WASH PROGRAMS: cotton, synthetics, synthetics – easy ironing, delicates, wool silk, short 20 min., super eco, economy.

Drying programs: cotton, wool, synthetics automatic drying: extra dry, into cupboard, under the iron timed drying: extra dry, into cupboard cotton/linen, into cupboard synthetics/blended fabrics, under the iron, wool.

Steam USAGE: refresh, anti-smoothing.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: NonStop60, Pre wash, Pre wash Stain removal, Stain removal, Time saving, Extra rinse, Anti rumple, Timer 20 hours.

RINSE: class A 1600 rpm.

ECONOMY: class A, power consumption 1.05 kWh/cycle, water 63 l washing, cotton 60 ° C .

CONTROL: electronic, LCD display, program selector, the buttons select temperature, spin speed, options, timer, indication of the program stage, switching options.

AUTOMATICS: OptiSense loading optimization, foam level control, imbalance, error indication.

SAFETY: full spillage protection, childproof.

CONSTRUCTION: Inverter motor, SilentPlus system, the noise level of washing drying 49/61 dB.

DIMENSIONS: 600h605h850 mm. WEIGHT : 82 Kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year + 10 years warranty on the motor.


The machine combines the functions of washing and drying. And both of these features allow you to work with quite large portions of laundry. Particularly true of drying, since most often the drying load is almost half that of laundry.

The machine is equipped with a steam function. Steam is used for smoothing the fibers of fabrics, clothes freshening, removing unpleasant odors.

Washing and drying wool is certified Woolmark Gold.

OptiSense – proprietary loading optimization system. It defines automatically the cycle time, water and power consumption based on the batch weight and type of fabric.

The SilentPlus system is used in the appliance. It uses noise absorbers of a complex design, as well as a specially developed silent Silence electric motor. It works without carbon brushes, like a professional machine. Thanks to the absence of these wearing parts, the motor has a longer service life. The case of the machine has been modified and the shock absorbers used are particularly effective, in order to reduce the vibrations even further. The side panels vibrate less and the noise level is reduced.


There are 8 programs for the wash. Among them there is a program for washing things made of synthetic and blended fabrics, which provides special attention to the fabrics, so that to spend minimum time on their ironing. The short washing program lasts only 20 minutes. For calculating housewives there are two special washing programs. Super Eco” program in cold water has reduced consumption of all resources. Economy program also cuts water and energy consumption, but washes in hot water.

The drying unit is a condenser dryer. There are two types of programs. Automatic drying is guided by the necessary level of moisture in the fabrics, the estimation is done with the help of sensors. The second type – timed drying. The program is calculated on the basis of the duration set by the user.


Modern system with large visual display. The program selector selector, adjustable with buttons.

Price: 52 000 Dollars.

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