Washing properly: Daewoo DWD-NT1212 washing machine review


Good loading while compact size, optimum range of programmes, convenient operation.

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No childproof lock for the panel.

Proper washing: review of the Daewoo DWD-NT1212 washing machinedaewoo_DWD_NT1212_opt

Daewoo DWD-NT1212 Narrow front-loading washing machine


LOADING: 7 kg.


PROGRAMS: Cotton, Synthetics, Wool, Fast, Sportswear, Colors, Eco for whites, Baby items, Tumbler cleaning.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: intensive, assisted rinsing, delayed rinsing, timer 12 hours.

RINSE: Class B, 1200 rpm.

ECONOMY: class A, electricity consumption 1.18kWh/cycle, water 47 liters cotton 60 ° C , per kg of laundry: 0.17 kWh and 6.71 liters.

CONTROL: electronic LCD display, JogDial, button for selection of parameters, enabling options indication of program step, time to completion, enabling options.

AUTOMATICS: load optimization, foam level control, imbalance.

SAFETY: spillage protection on the body, childproof.

CONSTRUCTION: air-bubble wash optional , nano-silver technology optional , hatch diameter 30 cm.

DIMENSIONS: 595h445h850 mm. WEIGHT: 54 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


The 44.5cm deep, narrow washer is capable of washing up to 7kg of cotton at a time. This machine has a sufficiently high spin speed – 1200 rpm.

The machine has a drum cleaning function which is recommended from time to time. The drum is rinsed with cold water. The program is not suitable for descaling procedure.


The basic program of washing cotton allows you to set the desired temperature of water heating from cold to 95 ° C cold, 40, 60, 95 ° C , selecting the temperature mode depending on the type of fabrics and their degree of contamination. For items that require more attention, you can use the intensive washing option. It increases the mechanical action on the fibers to remove stubborn dirt. Either choose a special mode where the first step includes a prewash.

Children’s clothes are recommended to wash in a special program, the allowable load is 7 kg. These things tend to have a lot of dirt and need a thorough wash. That is why the manufacturer has preset the temperature to 95°C. Program is more suitable for baby items. It has a more serious rinse step, which should guarantee the complete removal of residual powder.

Synthetic care program has one temperature setting – 40°C. Program for 2.5 kg of laundry. A full load of fine fabrics, including membranes, can be washed in “Sportswear” mode. Suitable for laundry with little soiling.

For wool, you can choose whether to heat up the water to 30°C or use cold water. You can wash a couple of fine wool sweaters in one wash cycle.

For items with a little dirt there is a program of fast washing.

The machine is made in South Korea.


Use the JogDial to select the washing program at a preset temperature. Spin speed can be adjusted in the program as always, downwards . Button activates options. If you wash delicates in your absence, you can choose a delayed rinse option so they don’t lie in the drum and crease. The screen of the appliance allows you to instantly take it out of the machine when the rinse and spin is finished.

Delay timer is designed for 12 hours.

Price: 9,999 Dollars.

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