Cleaning equipment for the private handyman plumber

For private plumbers who provide services for domestic sewage, the key to successful business is a reliable and convenient clogging tool. Unlike large commercial companies, individuals have no opportunity to test many models of different brands and have no margin for error. How to choose the right cleaning equipment that can cope with any clogging and work flawlessly in the harshest conditions?


Variety of tasks and diameters

Despite the fact that in recent years a lot of specialized cleaning companies have appeared all over the country, the work for private craftsmen is not becoming less. There is still little competition in this market, and the demand for drain cleaning services is enormous.

There are several sources of orders for household sewer cleaning:

– Catering enterprises canteens, cafes and restaurants , as well as supermarket cooking shops

– Office and shopping centers

– apartments in multi-storey buildings

– Urban private sector, as well as suburban cottage communities.

In all of these various properties, the typical diameters of sewer pipes range from 20-50 mm kitchen drains, sinks, showers to the classic 110 mm standpipes and 150-200 mm outlets from the building . The typical causes of dirt can vary – from grease deposits in catering kitchens to household and construction debris in private homes and apartments.

With such a variety of pipelines it is out of the question to have one universal tool for eliminating clogs and removing impurities in the pipe lumen. You either have to reject a certain group of customers, or have two or three models in your arsenal, designed for different diameters and types of fouling.



Small clearance – big problems

Private handymen working in big cities most often have to clear blockages in drains to toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers. These are the most problematic areas of any residential or commercial sewer system. One of the reasons is the misuse of small diameters of pipelines and failure to comply with the regulatory slope.

To combat such clogs, which are located at a distance of several meters from the drain hole, the most effective are portable drum cleaners with an electric drive. With a mass of not more than 5-7 kg, they are convenient for transportation and allow you to go on calls even public transport, which in large cities and eternal traffic jams allows you to be more mobile than a private transport.

Pistol form-factor models are popular among private handymen, as they allow you to clean sink drains without removing grids and traps, as well as penetrate risers and horizontal sections of the in-home sewer system through revisions. For example, the model RIDGID K-45 thanks to the spiral length of up to 15 m with AUTOFEED system can clean pipes with a diameter of 20-75 mm. The experience of private masters shows that many models of the pistol form-factor can not reach deeply located clogs – the rope goes into the pipe only a few meters. But thanks to its powerful motor, the RIDGID K-45 makes efficient use of the entire length of the clogging coil, penetrating deeper into the pipe.


RIDGID PowerClear

Many professionals prefer the floor-mounted models because they do not need to be suspended during the cleaning process. For example, the RIDGID PowerClear™ model works with a 6 mm MAXCORE™ coil and a length of 9.1 m, which allows you to clean pipes with a diameter of 20-40 mm. For extra rigidity, the spiral has a central rod that prevents tangles and debris from getting inside the coils.

“When developing this model, emphasis was placed on ergonomics and usability. It has a collapsible two-segment hose that allows the helix to be guided even into awkwardly located drainage outlets or revisions. The operator does not have to touch the dirty spiral with his hands,” says Andrei Makarov, director of the American division of RIDGID part of the EMERSON Group , a leading global manufacturer of professional tools for the construction, sanitary and industrial sectors.

Sophisticated equipment for big jobs

In many American cities a considerable part of construction is occupied by the private sector. In this case, much of the orders will have to clean underground sewage pipes with a diameter of 75-150 mm – for example, going from the house to the cesspool or municipal sewer. The same diameter have internal risers and outlets of residential buildings, office buildings and shopping malls. For this category of orders you need a powerful and long-range equipment. Since the weight of such units weighs 15 kg or more, you can’t do without your own car or van for their transportation.


RIDGID KJ-3100 and RIDGID K-400

Drum type cleaners are considered the most universal. For example, the RIDGID K-400, which is equipped with a rope of up to 30 metres in length, is suitable for pipes of 30 to 110 mm in diameter. The powerful 360-watt motor can handle different types of blockages in both indoor and underground sewers.

For craftsmen who decide to specialize in emergency and preventive cleaning of sewers in catering establishments and supermarket kitchens, it is highly desirable to supplement the fleet with a hydrodynamic machine. These units, judging by the reviews of private plumbers and specialized firms, are optimally suited for removing grease deposits from the pipe lumen. For example, well-proven model RIDGID KJ-3100 designed to work with sewage pipes with a diameter of 50-250 mm. The PowerClear quickly removes blockages and dirt from the inside of a pipe with directional jets up to 205 bar up to 21 liters per minute . Gasoline engine allows you to work regardless of power supply, which is important when cleaning underground sewerage.

The huge demand for cleaning services allows the development of this type of private enterprise, both in metropolitan areas and in small provincial towns. However, success depends a lot on the chosen plumbing tool. High-performance and reliable models of famous manufacturers cost a lot, but they pay off in the first months of orders and allow you to make a profit and expand business in any economic situation in the country.

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