Kärcher portable washer – the flagship of a new category of modern cleaning equipment

Customer-driven, K&auml rcher has developed a portable cleaner which is revolutionising compact cleaning technology. The Outdoor Cleaner OS 3 is extremely easy and comfortable to use and transport, and is suitable for cleaning different surfaces and even cleaning animals.


Cordless K washer&auml rcher OS 3

The new K&auml rcher OS 3 combines compactness and high power. This machine is especially convenient for quick cleaning: with its help you can get rid of dirt from car mats or trunk, bicycle wheels and rollers, rubber boots, garden tools, legs of outdoor furniture for cottages and much more. A set of optional accessories makes it easy to use the machine for a variety of tasks.

Main features of the K&auml The OC 3 is light and compact. Portable cleaner has a square body, which dimensions do not exceed 30 cm in each dimension and weighs only 2 kg without accessories. The OC 3 is powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery and a 4-litre capacity tank, making it independent of water and electricity.

Garden Tools


The advantage of the machine are its many applications. Simply take the car wash with you when going out of town or on a picnic, and be sure that even in bad weather you can promptly clean the wheels of a stroller, car mats or a bicycle.

Don’t let your memories stay in your memories and vivid photos and stains on the upholstery! K&auml The GARDENA combisystem OC 3 can be used to clean your dog’s feet or shoes before entering the house so that no dirt can get in. It only takes a few minutes to clean shovels, wheelbarrows, or other garden tools, and the barn will always be perfectly clean.

Pressure washers

Another plus point of the Outdoor Cleaner is the optimal pressure mode 5 bar , which makes it so easy to clean outside dirt without splashing and makes it safe for washing animals.These unique characteristics allow us to call the K&auml The rcher OC 3 is the flagship of a new category of modern cleaning technology – the portable cleaner.

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