Canon i-sensys LBP7018C laser color printer test

i-sensys LBP7018C is Canon’s smallest and most affordable A4 color laser printer. Easy to use, with excellent print quality and energy saving.


PERFORMANCE: 16 ppm B&W. A4/min, color. – 4 pp. A4/minute warm-up time from power on – 66 s, from standby – 10 s first print output: B&W – 13.6 s, color. – 24.7 s max. Load capacity 15,000 pages./mes. Memory: 16 MB.

PRINT: 600×600 dpi quality improved up to 2400×600 dpi with Canon Automatic Image Reinforcement technology printing language: Canon Advanced Printing Technology(CAPT .

SUPPORTED OS: Windows 7 32/64-bit . /Vista 32/64-degree /Windows 2000/Server 2008 32/64bit ,/Vista 32/64bit . /XP 32/64-bit. /Windows 2000/Server 2008 32/64-bit. /Server 2008 R2 64-bit. /Server 2003 32/64-bit . /Mac OS10.4.9 – 10.7.x/Linux/Citrix.


PAPER OPERATION: Format: A4-A5, User-definable sizes Width 76.2 – 215.9mm × Length 127 – 355.6mm 150-sheet capacity universal paper tray with 60 – 163 g/m² capacity 220 g/m² for coated paper .

RESOURCE: cartridge starter/standard : black – 500/ 1200 ppm., color. – 500/ 1000 ppm.refillable cartridge with reel – 7000 ppm.

SIZES: 400×398×223mm. WEIGHT: 12.3 kg.

Noise LEVEL ISO 7779/ISO 9296 : In operation color/black & white 48/50 dB(A , in standby mode no noise.

POWER SUPPLY: Maximum power consumption approx. 868W Active mode average 145/230W color/black/white , Standby/Hibernate mode average 7/1,1W. Typical power consumption: 0.5 kWh/week.

PRICE: 4890 Dollars.


Before we talk about the device – a few words about the packaging. To make it easy to take the printer out of the box, the manufacturer has put a cardboard insert that encircles the printer at the bottom and sides. Easy to remove by pulling up on the tab handles. A seemingly small thing, but very nice.

i-sensys LBP7018C small footprint and low operating noise allows the printer to sit on the desktop. The base width of the machine is slightly larger than a laptop.

The device is oriented for home users or for individual work in a small office. In this connection it is supposed that the user will do the setting up of the machine and the installation of the driver by himself. In order to avoid mistakes, the producer supplied the device with a detailed manual on CD , as well as with visual tips fixed on the printer itself, e.g. about the necessity to free the device from the shipping tapes.


Even an inexperienced user can get a printer up and running as every step is accompanied by tips from the manufacturer. The printer weighs a little over 10 pounds. Finger indentations on both sides of the machine for easy movement.


Computers and peripherals

If you use the printer often, you do not need to cover the paper – it does not have time to get dusty. If you don’t print often, it’s a good idea to cover the media with a special cover. If the machine is idle for a long period of time, the assembly tray can be removed to save space on your workbench



To replace the image drum cartridge, you need to flip up the cover on the front of the device and follow the instructions. The paper holders are perhaps the most delicate part of the device. Keep in mind that you have to squeeze the lever to move them


Computers and peripherals


It comes with a 500 page cartridge. When toner runs out, they’re easy to replace

Computers and Peripherals

It is better to take out jammed paper from back side of print path

Canon i-SENSYS LBP7018C Printer

The machine has a wide range of color adjustment options


There is no display, but all the operational tips like paper jams and paper overflow warnings are available at a glance,

that it has run out are displayed on the screen of the user’s personal computer.

Small recesses at the bottom of both sides of the printer are provided for transportation.


The i-sensys LBP7018C comes in a classic black case. Even an inexperienced user can prepare the printer for work – each step is accompanied by tips from the manufacturer. The printer weighs just over 10 kilograms. Finger recesses on both sides of the machine for easy movement.

If you use the printer a lot, you don’t have to cover the paper, it won’t get dusty. If you print infrequently, it is worthwhile to cover the media with a special cover. If the machine is idle for a long period of time, the multi-purpose tray can be removed so that it does not take up space on your workbench.

To replace the image drum cartridge, flip up the cover on the front of the device and follow the instructions.

The paper holders are perhaps the most delicate part of the machine. Keep in mind that you have to pull the lever to move them. No fingerprints left on plastic. No retractable paper cassette as such. Its presence would have made the design more expensive, so the manufacturers have applied a collapsible tray which is attached to the base of the printer and forms a compartment for paper feed. 150 sheets at a time. To keep paper dust free, it can be covered with a special cover.


The printer comes with a driver disk and user’s manual. No complaints about installation. Printer works via USB cord not included . The CAPT driver amazes with a variety of color tints and halftones settings.

When printing, you are offered to choose one of the modes: general, photo or presentation. You can also correct color or grayscale manually. Among other parameters – toner save mode, page parameters, sorting by copies, etc. d.


Don’t ask for high speeds at home. The manufacturer declares 16 monochrome pages per minute and 4 color pages per minute, and thanks to the First Print Out Time in black and white mode, the first page out time is only 13.6 seconds. We would like to emphasize the high print quality in this test. Their analysis shows that the model may be inferior to inkjet printers in the level of transmission of halftones and natural color shades, but it would be hard to find competitors among laser devices in this segment.

In terms of results, the printer prints with photographic quality when using good paper, even when the automatic setting is selected. It is not by chance that the manufacturer allows you to use coated 220 g paper in the printer – for covers or photographs.

High resolution, sharp contours, crisp text and smooth grayscale gradation can be explained by the high resolution of the printer and the use of original Canon cartridges with original S-tone. It is a pity that the capacity of standard cartridges is designed for 1000 pages in color and up to 1200 pages in monochrome.


The i-sensys LBP7018C is easy to use. Knowledgeable instructions tell you how to replace a cartridge when toner runs out, refill paper, or remove a jammed sheet from the print path. No display on the printer, so all the tips for use are displayed on the user’s computer. Easy toner cartridge replacement. The main thing is not to hurry, so as not to break the plastic holders unknowingly.


The manufacturer has paid a great deal of attention to power consumption. After just a few seconds of idle time the printer goes into sleep mode, which of course saves energy. The device is Energy Star certified. Its Typical Energy Consumption TEC rating is only 0.5 kW.Power-saving mode at 1.1 watts, and 1.1 watts in sleep mode, making it one of the most energy-efficient printers in its class.

Toner saving mode is too economical. Manufacturers usually reduce toner use by no more than 50 percent with this feature. By subjective perception Canon has reduced toner consumption even more – the text is printed in a hardly noticeable light gray font, in bad light it is hardly visible. The device driver supports the ability to enhance contrast and brightness, so everyone can create prints on i-sensys LBP7018C to his taste.


No performance problems were encountered during the test. The only recommendation is to insert the paper into the feeder tightly so that it can be easily gripped by the feed rollers. Removing jammed paper from the print path is better from the back side. The machine has a wide range of color adjustment options.

The device comes with 500-page cartridges. When toner runs out, they are easy to replace. The printer has no display, but all the current hints, such as paper jam or paper out, are shown on the user’s PC screen.

Canon i-SENSYS LBP7018C printer

Color prints in normal and toner-saving mode

Canon i-SENSYS LBP7018C printer

Monochrome prints in normal and toner-saving mode

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