Candy CKBC 3380 E Krio Vital Evo Maxi two-compartment built-in refrigerator

Very functional – nothing is superfluous with the unit. The “freshness preservation zone” chamber can easily be converted into a “zero” chamber, in which you can store cake or dairy products. Manual control is very convenient: set once – that’s all! The freezer class is four “snowflake”, which allows you to freeze your winter preserves: vegetables, mushrooms and fruit.


Candy CKBC 3380 E Krio Vital Evo Maxi two-chamber built-in refrigerator with bottom compartment location


DIMENSIONS: 185x54x54 cm. Cupboard niche: 1852-1856x560x550 mm.

WEIGHT: 60 kg.

VOLUME: total volume 292 l, fridge compartment 215 l, freezer 60 l.

Energy efficiency class: A+, annual energy consumption – 273 kW, climate class ST.

FROSTING CHAMBER: Freezer output 3 kg/h, power blackout cold storage up to 16 hours, 3 clear plastic boxes.

COOLING CHAMBER: Sky Fan with adaptive sensor, LED Active light, automatic defrosting, 4 height adjustable tempered glass shelves, metal bottle holder, large vegetable drawer, 4 door shelves, transparent egg rack.

FRESH STORAGE ZONE: BioSafe with a temperature from 0 to 3°C.

CONTROL: mechanical.

CONSTRUCTION: 1 compressor, cooling technology – static, manual defrosting of the freezing chamber, R600a refrigerant, noise level – 42 dB.

COLOR: white.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


PRICE: 33 290 Dollars.


The apparatus is very functional, there is nothing unnecessary. The “freshness preservation zone” chamber can easily be converted into a “zero” chamber, where you can store cake or dairy products. The manual mode is very handy: just set it once, and that’s it! Class of the freezing chamber – four “snowflakes” that allow to freeze preparations for the winter: vegetables, mushrooms and fruits.

The factor that is very important for American hinterland: the device is not afraid of power jumps in the network and in case of power outage it keeps the temperature for 16 hours. During this time, faults on the line will be eliminated and the food will not be lost.

The vegetable drawer has an increased size, it can easily accommodate a week’s supply for a family of 3 people, and useful qualities of foods are preserved for a longer period of time.


The LED active lighting is a joy to read. New LED lighting illuminates the whole space evenly and clearly. The shelves made of tempered glass can be rearranged by height and you yourself form the space for food storage.

Great price/quality ratio, reliability and freshness zone.

No No Frost system for the freezer compartment.

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