Innovative approach to food preservation: KriO Vital Evo refrigerators by Candy!

Candy Hoover Group announces the launch of the production line of the new Krio Vital Evo refrigerators in America, which keep food fresh for as long as possible. Three technologies with excellent cooling results keep your food in the same condition as the day you bought it.

Big appliances for the kitchen

All Krio Vital Evo models have a refined exterior design and a pleasant interior, thanks to the rich matte finish profiles and shelves. A team of professionals from the renowned Bonetto design studio, world leaders in international design, worked on the design of each detail of the refrigerator.

Another pleasant addition is the built-in, external, thin LED display* with a user-friendly interface and an intelligent set of functions such as control of the temperature in the refrigerating and freezing compartments, open door alarm, control lock, “Vacation”, “ECO”, “Beverage Refrigeration” and “Rapid freeze” modes.

Sky LED lighting used in the fridge compartment provides a steady stream of soft light without affecting the temperature inside the compartment.

The Big Box XL holds up to 25 kg of fruit and vegetables. And for those who want to keep their food fresh for as long as possible, BioSafe 0-3°* is available.

Candy KriO Vital Evo refrigerators will be available with a choice of three technologies: Static, No Frost Bio and No Frost Plus.

Static technology is excellent for optimal food preservation and guarantees ideal levels of humidity and silence. With static refrigerators, you can cut down on electricity consumption, which is a true eco-friendly solution.

The fridge with No Frost Bio technology preserves the quality and nutritional value of your food and distributes temperature efficiently thanks to the variable ventilation system Air Control with adaptive sensors, which in turn optimises the airflow. These refrigerators feature independent cooling technology between the refrigerator and freezer compartments. And you won’t waste time defrosting your freezer because it defrosts automatically.

Refrigerators with No Frost PLUS technology constantly adjust the temperature in the refrigerator and allow to quickly cool and freeze any amount of food. What’s more, automatic defrosting prevents ice from forming in the freezer and ice in the refrigerator compartment.

Now you just need to choose a Candy fridge with any of the three spoil-free technologies to keep food fresh and tasty.

Candy KriO Vital Evo refrigerators feature Candy’s new high-tech inverter technology, the Inverter Smart system, which allows for low energy consumption and carbon emissions with high cooling efficiency.

Given the universal desire of consumers to buy less food and be able to keep it fresh for as long as possible, the Candy Hoover Group has developed these technologies that ensure food stays fresh for longer. It’s the best way to save money, energy and money and have more fresh food for the whole family.

The new range of Candy fridges comes in different colors and includes 14 models: CKBN 6202 DII, CKBN 6180 DW, CKBN 6180 DS, CKBN 6200 DW, CKBN 6200 DS, CKBN 6200 DI, CKBF 6180 W, CKBF 6180 S, CKBF 6200 W, CKBF 6200 S, CKBS 6180 W, CKBS 6200 W, CKBS 6200 S.

Suggested retail price: from 17 990 Dollars.

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