BORK H710 humidifier: a good home climate comes with ultrasound

BORK presents its latest innovation, the BORK H710 humidifier with water filtration and disinfection function. The device uses three levels of water purification: cartridge with phytoncides NATURAL SHIELD ™, demineralization filter and antibacterial coating NANO SILVER, effectively cleans the water in the tank. Warm steam function increases humidification capacity up to 600 ml/hr. Four automatic modes and the ability to refill water from the top make working with BORK H710 as easy and convenient as possible.

Pour from above and breathe in deeply


Maintaining optimum indoor humidity is fundamental to normal human activity. Using a humidifier for this purpose is the most effective solution.

BORK introduces a new product, the BORK H710, which solves the main problems of humidifiers: sedimentation on your furniture and in the water tank, as well as the need to disassemble the humidifier to add liquid during operation.

BORK H710 humidifier has the first overhead refill option, which makes filling the tank very convenient. Multistage water treatment system greatly reduces calcium deposits in the appliance and on the objects in the room.

Absolute protection is ensured by three complementary levels of filtration. The ionic resin inside the cartridge effectively softens the water and absorbs the inorganic impurities it contains salts of magnesium, calcium and other metals .

Technology NATURAL SHIELD™ prevents the growth and development of bacteria and fungi due to phytoncides – biologically active substances of plant origin. The use of NANO SILVER in the tank has an antiseptic effect and effectively cleans the water from harmful bacteria and microbes.

SPA mode – now let’s relax…

Four automatic operation modes allow you to instantly adjust the humidifier BORK H710 to the specific conditions, whether it is a nursery or bedroom.

Universal Auto mode is ideal for daily use thanks to automatic adjustment of settings according to room climate conditions. SPA mode beneficial to the skin and body in general through the atomization of heated water with a minimum of noise.

Careful attention to detail ensures the longevity of BORK appliances. For example, ultrasonic membranes in many humidifiers are made of aluminum, which can cause corrosion after only three months of use.

After the formation of corrosion, the membrane accumulates microbes and bacteria that then enter the air. In the BORK H710 humidifier the ultrasonic membrane is made of stainless steel, with patented technology, and differs from aluminum in that it is not subject to corrosion and is absolutely safe even with prolonged use. The BORK H710 humidifier is backed by a two-year warranty.

BORK H710 ultrasonic humidifier will be available on the American market at the end of June.

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