Ballu Home: Innovation in climate control

The development of mobile Internet has led to a major change in lifestyle of modern man. In just a few years, we have become accustomed to being in touch at all times and everywhere. Mobile technology is fundamentally changing many things that have seemed immutable for decades. For example, the process of controlling home appliances.

Heating technology

In 2017, the Ballu industrial group started to produce innovative climate technology that can be controlled remotely via the Ballu Home app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Application – completely independent development of specialists of the concern.

It does not use any third-party off-the-shelf solutions. This provided maximum flexibility of technology, including – when integrating with “Smart House” systems from other manufacturers. All appliances that can be controlled by the Ballu Home app can be integrated into a single climate system. At the moment, such control is available in water heaters, air handling units Ballu Air Master and electric convectors.

One of the novelties with the possibility of remote control via Wi-Fi, which will soon be on sale is an electric storage water heater Ballu SMART WiFi. The device is characterized by its small size, handy flat shape and the possibility of universal – both vertical and horizontal – installation.

IoT “Internet of Things” concept is used for remote control. Unlike “Smart Home” technology, IoT-devices do not require additional equipment such as a central controller and others. The main thing is to have a working Wi-Fi network at the place where you use the device. The Ballu Home app uses its own cloud server. Wi-Fi modules for the new innovative line of Ballu must be purchased separately and installed in the USB connector, which is equipped with each unit. Thanks to this approach new items do not cost more than conventional devices.

Heating technology


Working with the Ballu SMART WiFi water heater, the Ballu Home app allows you to turn it on and off, select the desired temperature and adjust the heating power. The app can also report equipment errors. It is possible to connect several water heaters located in different rooms – bathroom, kitchen, utility room – into one virtual network for remote control. At the moment the application is on the stage of development, in the near future it should have a “Calendar” which allows the user to automate the process of climate control, based on their own preferences.

Remote control makes the use of home appliances even more comfortable, given that the change of any climate parameter is an inertial process and the control command to the device often must be sent in advance. Ballu Home app can be used when you need to turn on the device before returning home, for example, so that the water heater had time to heat water to a certain temperature to the arrival of the owner, or use it as a remote control at home: a graphical interface greatly simplifies the management process.

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