Best PASC580 FPX and PASC780 FPX recessed air cleaner review


Touch sensor mode, timer, filter contamination indicator, reasonable price, light intensity control.


Not noted.



OVERVIEW: up to 31 m2 2.7 m ceiling height, up to 83 m3 volume .

Noise LEVEL: 39-48-54-57 dB 1-2-3-4 speed .

POWER: 250 Watt.

CONTROL: Touch controls, display, 4 speeds automatic and manual mode timer, filter pollution indicator, dimmer.

LIGHTING: halogen, 2×20 W.

SIZES: 493/539x284x254,4 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


Unique model – it combines the most comfortable and useful features while maintaining a very attractive price. The most impressive feature of the appliance is the touch control – an automatic mode in which it independently assesses the situation in the kitchen and decides whether to turn it on and the desired speed of operation. Mode is very convenient, because the user can forget about the hood, it takes care of clean air in the kitchen. ASC-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted.


The model is built into the hinged cupboard, the options for the width of the device – 50 and 60 cm. Perimeter suction, the most advanced and efficient suction system available today. The bottom visible part is covered by a panel. The airflow is first directed towards the center of the hood and then around the perimeter, entering the hood through tiny slots and accelerating it naturally inside, thus reducing the motor power and noise level. And the hood looks more attractive because the grease trap cassettes are closed.


The display is very informative and shows whether it is in automatic with sensors or manual mode and operating speed. On any speed in manual mode, you can turn on the timer, it continues to work for 5 minutes, then turns off the motor. The control box has a contamination indicator for the filters and this system uses the motor running time to remind you to clean the grease filter and replace the activated charcoal filter if used after 120 hours. The user can select the intensity of light.

16 000 Dollars.

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