LG VK80102HX vacuum cleaner review


Wet cleaning mode with steam, dust compression system in briquettes, reducing the frequency and hygienic cleaning process container HEPA 13, constantly high suction power, low noise level, maneuverability, large radius of action, shockproof housing.

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It is necessary to monitor the condition of the boiler and periodically clean it from limescale.


LG VK80102HX vacuum cleaner with dust compression system for dry and wet steam cleaning



: 2050 watts power consumption, 340 watts suction power.


HEPA 13 multi-level carbon filter, pre-motor filter.

controls and indicators

Electronic power control on the handle, button for winding the cord on the body, full container indicator, dirty filter indicator, no dust canister indicator.


Specifications: double soundproof casing with a low noise level of 72dB polycarbonate dust container dust container capacity 1.2L dust compacting system wire length 8m working radius 11m telescopic aluminum tube adjustable in length wheels with hydrostatic bearings.

Complete set

Steam nozzle, joint mop/floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, dusting brush, upholstery brush.


light blue.


Floor/DustBuster : 285x440x300mm.


Handle bar: 6.5 kg.


3 years.


The main feature of vacuum cleaners LG Kompressor series – this is the first in the world system of pressing the dust into compact bricks, thanks to which the dust canister holds 3 times more dust than the container of the same volume in an ordinary bagless vacuum cleaner. In addition, the process of cleaning the container is greatly simplified – there are no dust clouds accompanying the process, the briquettes are hygienically removed.

The “highlight” of this particular model can be called the possibility of wet cleaning with steam: the dust is sucked in, and the area to be cleaned is simultaneously treated with steam. Steam nozzle for steam cleaning and disinfection of surfaces to be cleaned, and microfiber nozzles for full wet cleaning. Capacities of the steam generator are sufficient for 25 minutes of continuous use.

Other features of the vacuum cleaner also meet the highest modern standards. Turbo Cyclone system Turbo Cyclone delivers extraction power at all times. Increased centrifugal force separates the air and dust: dust is compressed into dust briquettes by the special rotor blade and the air is extracted through the wholesome filter system, trapping microscopic dust particles, allergens and unpleasant odors.

Extremely comfortable to use. The range of 11 meters allows to reach the farthest corners of the room without distracting to change the points of connection, the vacuum cleaner itself moves easily and smoothly on the wheels with hydrostatic bearings, and, importantly, the noise of the device is significantly reduced due to the double shroud. Electronic capacity control and filter contamination sensor are literally “always at hand”, i.e. on the handlebar.

The normal mode of the vacuum cleaner uses a combined nozzle “floor scrubber,” which switches simply by pressing the foot pedal with a colored marker. In the “floor” position, the brush is stationary, and in the “carpet” position, it rotates, cleaning hard-to-reach dust and pet hair from deep in the pile.

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