BBK DMP1023HD, DMP1024HD, DMT1026HD, DMP1027HD, DMP1028HD, DNP1031HD DVD player that supports MKV container

Despite the practically equal price of Blu-ray DVD-players and their younger brothers, to which we are all used to, the latter are in no hurry to give up their positions. This is partly due to the fact that cinephiles in their masses were divided into two groups – those who buy ready-made DVD discs and those who download content from the net. The first often do not see the point of buying “blue-ray” players, because the range of Blu-ray discs is still limited, and they are more expensive. The latter prefer devices, which confidently read files from the hard-drive, while a DVD-drive is perceived as a pleasant bonus for watching discs, which do not fit in the garage anymore. That’s why BBK engineers created DVD players that support MKV, a multimedia container format capable of playing high definition content. Recall that MKV files are often larger than 4 GB, which is the size allowed by the FAT32 file system.

BBK DMP1023HD DVD player

So in order to place them on your hard drive, it must be formatted in NTFS, which supports writing “heavy” files. So the player with a hard drive has to support this file system, as it has been implemented in the BBK DVD player series.

In fact, they are media players with full-fledged DVD drive. Besides MKV, all models can play files of all the most popular formats: MP3, WMA, H.264, VOB, AVI, MPEG1/2 PS M2P, MPG . MPEG2, MPEG4, JPEG and Kodak Picture CD.

In this lineup there are six units, slightly differing by the additional features, depending on the modification.

The youngest model, DMP1023HD, features karaoke.

BBK DMP1024HD DVD Player

The next one, DMP1024HD, is made without karaoke, but with two USB connectors.

BBK DMT1026HD DVD Player

Model DMT1026HD created for more demanding fans of singing – it has a more “advanced” karaoke mode that allows you to get points for singing. In addition, this is the only model that is equipped with a digital DVB-T tuner, and therefore can be used in conjunction with panels without a tuner and video projectors – to view digital content.

BBK DMPT1027HD DVD player

The DMP1027HD and DMP1028HD are functionally similar, having one USB connector and “extended” karaoke mode, the difference is that the last device has a touch screen control panel.

BBK DMPT1028HD DVD player

And, finally, the oldest model in this “line”, – DNP1031HD, equipped with network functions. Connecting the unit to your home LAN port Ethernet you can access network storage devices, playing content directly from there, without the need to copy files to an external drive or “hard drive. In addition, there are two microphone inputs for karaoke, which allows you to sing together, and even arrange a competition.

BBK DNP1031HD DVD player

Naturally, since these devices were constructed for playback of high-definition content, they are all equipped with an HDMI output.

The players are capable of upscaling any video files to Full HD 1080p resolution.

In addition to high-definition digital HDMI output, the units are equipped with coaxial and component video output.

Audio interface also allows all possible connections. You can output the sound as a coaxial “stereo”, as well as through the audio output 5.1. If the user wants to connect a DVD-player to a receiver or an external DAC via optical or coaxial connector – with this also no problems do not arise.

All players are equipped with Dolby Digital, DTS, LPCM decoders.

Naturally, it supports different viewing angles, dubbing and subtitling languages. All models are also equipped with CD-RIP function, which encodes and transfers music in already compressed format from CD-Rs to USB-drives, and with Copy Function, which allows copying files without encoding. And finally, if you have a few minutes left before the end of the film copy from your computer to an external drive, they can while away the minutes by playing the built-in DVD-player games.

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