ASUS unveiled the VivoMini VC66 ultra-compact PC series powered by the latest seventh generation Intel Core i7 processors

Hardware configuration includes DDR4 RAM and up to three SSDs with M.2 and two 2.5″ hard drives. These versatile mini PCs support 4K Ultra-HD displays and a variety of interfaces.

Computers and peripherals

High-performance seventh-generation Intel Core processor

The performance of the new 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor up to 4.2GHz installed in the VivoMini VC66 series mini-PCs will be enough to realize resource-intensive tasks such as video editing or 3D modeling. Users can install up to 32GB of DDR4 memory for maximum system performance. Double the speed compared to standard DDR3 memory and up to 20% improvement in power efficiency.

VivoMini VC66 series mini-PCs support 4K Ultra-HD resolution. With support for HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI-D interfaces, this mini PC is compatible not only with standard monitors but also with TVs and projectors. Users can simultaneously connect up to three monitors to the ASUS VivoMini VC66R. Serial port to connect bar code scanner, printer, router and other POS and retail equipment.

Four USB 3 ports on the front of the ASUS VivoMini VC66 enable fast connection to external devices.0, one of which is Type-C standard. On the back of this PC, there are two USB 2.0, Intel Gigabit Ethernet network port, 4-in-1 card reader, audio output, and Kensington lock. Configuration also includes 802.0 wireless LAN adapter.11ac and Bluetooth® 4.0. Every buyer of the ASUS VivoMini VC66 gets to enjoy 100GB of ASUS WebStorage online storage absolutely free for a year.

Another feature of the ASUS VivoMini VC66 series is a perfect combination of near silent operation noise level at rest is only 19dB and low power consumption 18W .

Computers and peripherals

Versatile Design

The sleek and modern design of the new ASUS VivoMini VC66 was honored with the prestigious iF Design Award 2017. The mini-PC has a compact 2-liter size that will fit in any office environment. Attaching the device to the back of VESA standard compliant monitors is a convenient feature. Sliding design provides easy access to components for upgrading.

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the two configurations ASUS VivoMini VC66. This mini PC supports simultaneous installation of up to three memory drives or two hard drives and an optical drive. M SSD version.2 and two 2.5-inch drives, either SSDs or hard drives, are great for those who need to store large amounts of data. M SSD modification.2 CPU, one 2.5″ HDD and an optical drive is an excellent choice for those looking for a compact PC for everyday tasks.

With built-in RAID technology support, the new compact ASUS VivoMini VC66 can function as a Network Attached Storage NAS device. RAID technology support not only improves data access speed and PC performance, but also provides maximum convenience in data management, which is especially important for hospitality and commercial organizations. The VivoMini VC66 series mini-PC is also available as a barebone solution for which the user can select the operating system, drives and other parameters.


Easy administration

The exclusive software on ASUS VivoMini VC66 is designed to help you manage and maintain your company’s computer systems with maximum ease. ASUS Business Manager is a suite of exclusive utilities designed for monitoring and managing the computers in a small business digital infrastructure. ASUS Remote Management Tool is used for remote PC administration, allowing you to change the BIOS, CPU, fans and other settings, update the BIOS from a file on a USB drive or hard disk, and automatically synchronize multiple devices.






Seventh generation Intel®Core™i3-7100

Seventh generation Intel® Core™ i5-7400

Seventh generation Intel® Core™i7-7700

Seventh generation Intel®Core™i3-7100

Seventh generation Intel® Core™i5-7400

Seventh generation Intel®Core™i7-7700

Operating system

Windows®10 Pro


Without OS

Windows®10 Pro


Without OS


Intel® H170 with RAID support


Graphics processor

Integrated GraphicsIntel®HD

Built-in graphicsIntel®HD


2 x SO-DIMM, DDR4 – 2400 MHz max 2 x SO-DIMM, DDR4 – 2400 MHz. 32GB

2 x SO-DIMM, DDR4 – 2400 MHz max. 32GB


1 x M.2 supports M.2 SSD 2280

2 x SATA 6Gb/s supports 2.5″ hard drive or SSD

*VC66 optical drive has only 1 x SATA 6Gb/s

1 x M.2 supports M.2 X SSD 2280

2 x SATA 6Gb/s supports 2.5″ hard drive or SSD

*VC66 optical drive only has 1 x SATA 6Gbps


1 x Intel® Gigabit Ethernet

1 x Intel® Gigabit Ethernet

Optical drive




1 x USB 3.0 Type-C

3 x USB 3.0

2 x USB 2.0

1 x RJ45 LAN

1 x DVI-D

1 x COM

1xHDMI1.4 with 4KUHD support

1xDisplayPort++ 1.2 4KUHD compatible

1x Audio output line out/microphone in/headphone out

1xCard reader 4-in-1

1x Kensington lock


Power Adapter

120W or 180W power adaptor depending on processor version

120W or 180W power adapter depending on CPU version


177.4 x 153 x 74.1mm

177.4 x 153 x 74.1 mm

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