Ascoli fridge with water dispenser: just pour water

Ascoli ADRFW375WD – the only two-compartment refrigerator with a dispenser on the American market. Now even in the small kitchen you can pour a chilled water or juice into the tall glass simply by pushing the regulator on the refrigerator door. Previously, this function was available only for owners of huge and expensive side-by-side units.

Double-compartment refrigerator Ascoli with dispenser

What else makes this new product interesting?? Let’s see.

The characteristics of the Ascoli double-chamber refrigerator with dispenser

Double-compartment refrigerator Ascoli with dispenser

Dimensions: 1850×590×675 mm.

Volume: total usable 305 l.

Class: SN, N, ST energy consumption A + 288 kW per year .

Coolant: R600a.

Noise level: 42 dB.

Construction and installation features

Ascoli double chamber refrigerator with dispenser

The Ascoli two-compartment refrigerator with dispenser has a freezer at the bottom and a refrigerator – at the top. The work is provided by one compressor. The doors open to the right, can not be moved.

No protruding parts in the front, except for the dispenser lever. Handles “hidden” on the side. Thanks to this the front panel always remains clean.

Ascoli refrigerator handles

The door opening angle – more than 125 degrees. Therefore, you can take out and put the food and large pans without difficulty.

Refrigerator weight 63 kg. But it is easy to move, thanks to the rear wheels. You can adjust the position of the device on the floor by changing the height of the front leg.

When installing, please note that the free space above and to the sides of the refrigerator must be 10 cm and 7.5 cm at the back.

Refrigerating chamber

Ascoli two-compartment refrigerator with a dispenser

  • Volume: 214 l.
  • Multi-Airflow cooling.
  • Automatic defrosting No Frost.
  • LED-lighting.

Multi-stream cooling of the Ascoli dual-compartment refrigerator with dispenser ensures a flow of cool air to all corners of the chamber.

Ascoli refrigerator - cold room

For storage of fruits and vegetables is designed a drawer made of transparent plastic. It is roomy and easy to slide in and out.

Located above are 4 shelves of tempered glass with plastic trim. They can be rearranged by changing the distance between them in three variants: 16 cm, 18 cm and 22 cm.

Light spreads from top to bottom. The entire space of the chamber is evenly illuminated.

Ascoli refrigerator - lighting

Most of the internal space of the door is taken by the dispenser container, but still fit two small trays, there is room to put eggs the tray holds 7 pieces and put bottles.

Freezer compartment

Refrigerator Ascoli with dispenser

  • Volume: 91 l.
  • Automatic defrosting No Frost.
  • Freezing capacity at 4.5 kg/day.
  • Safe storage in case of power failure – 24 hours.
  • Three sliding containers made of transparent plastic.

Ascoli refrigerator is a freezer

The freezer is very roomy: three containers can hide an ample supply of frozen food.

All containers can be quickly pulled out and retracted even if they are completely full. And all thanks to the wheels that help them ride and maintain stability.

If an accident happens and the power goes out, the food will keep the temperature below -9 degrees for a day. This will shorten the overall storage time slightly, but will not affect their taste or quality in any way.


Ascoli fridge control

On the door is a large display with the selected parameters of work.

Separate temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer compartments are set. Each has “+” and “-” buttons and a screen with readings.

Manually selectable in the freezer from -20°C to -16°C, in the refrigerator compartment from +2°C to +8°C.

Refrigerator Ascoli

When you press the Mode button, special modes are activated and the corresponding indication lights up on the display.

  • Pressed once – supercooling mode starts, corresponding indication lights up. You can pack up and go shopping in the supermarket. When you put a lot of “warm” food in the refrigerator, it will cool down faster and the contents of the refrigerator will not heat up. Thanks to this care everything stays tasty and fresh for longer.
  • Pressed once more – “snowflake” indicator lights up and supercooling mode is activated. The temperature in the freezer is automatically reduced and the display shows -32 °C. You can put vegetables, mushrooms and berries in the freezer in a couple of hours. They freeze as quickly as possible, preserving maximum vitamins and juiciness.
  • Pressed once more, fridge works in intellegent mode. Temperature in freezer -18 °C, in refrigerator +4 °C.

Refrigerator Ascoli

If there are curious kids in the house who can reach the display, you can use the Lock button and lock the control panel. Of course, clever children will understand quickly what is what, but the lock will protect from accidental switching.

This Askcoli fridge has a sound indication of door opening. If you forget to cover it, it will beep and remind you.

The test. Checking the dispenser

Ascoli dispenser fridge

The container on the inside of the door of the refrigerator Ascoli is plastic. It can be removed to wash. Of course, it is designed for water, but if you really want, you can pour juice or morsels into it.

Ascoli fridge - dispenser container

Claimed volume – 3 liters. If you fill it up to the top, you get more – 3.35 liters.

Put a glass on the regulator, press it and water runs out. But it is not necessary to release the regulator sharply and take away the glass at once, the last drops then will get on the door of the refrigerator or on the floor. Proceed carefully, then everything will stay clean.

Ascoli fridge - dispenser

Bottom line

Dispenser works properly. It is great that the container can be removed and washed. But it is necessary to be attentive when taking away the glass so that the last drops do not spill on the floor.

Ascoli Refrigerator

Test. We check the noise

The manufacturer claims 42 dB. The norm for refrigerators with No Frost system is considered 44 – 47 dB.

We check it with a noise meter:

  • When activating the compressor in working mode the refrigerator works in the intelligent mode – 41 dB.
  • When activating the compressor in the modes of supercooling and superfreezing – 47 to 50 dB.


Two-compartment refrigerator Ascoli with a dispenser works quietly, you can almost not hear it. When activating the special. The noise level increases insignificantly, there is no discomfort. This fridge can be placed in the kitchen, combined with the living room, in the studio apartments – it will not interfere.

Test. Checking freshness

Ascoli refrigerator

Put a fresh salad in the vegetable bin. Checked after 3 days – as fresh as it was. In 7 days – fresh. In 10 days – fresh. Opened after 12 days – no lettuce. Kids used it for Caesar’s. Eh, the kids, the kids! We broke the test.

Bottom line

Vegetables and fruits stay fresh for a long time, do not dry out.

Ascoli refrigerator vegetables

Photo of lettuce – 10 days in the refrigerator. As you can see it is fresh!

Test results


The Ascoli two-compartment refrigerator with dispenser has been working for us for a month. It still works, it’s just out of test time. I like the good control, low noise level and the shelves are well lit.

For 1-4 people, this fridge is ideal in terms of volume, you can put all the food, and it does not take unnecessary space.

The dispenser is great: capacious 3 liters , it is possible to wash the container at any time.

For those who like cold drinks, this fridge is a real godsend.

Dispenser, quiet operation, super-freezing and supercooling modes, No Frost, sturdy shelves.

There are few shelves on the inside of the door, the rack only holds 7 eggs.

the consumer recommends

Ascoli ADRFW375WD two-compartment refrigerator was awarded the “consumer recommendation” mark.

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