Innovation from Samsung: the first fridge with carbonated water function

New York, June 20, 2014 – Samsung Electronics introduces Samsung RF24HSESBSR premium four-door refrigerator. This world’s first model with water carbonation function.

Large appliances for the kitchen
Big kitchen appliances

Samsung – a world leader in the production of high-tech devices for home and comfortable life – creates a fundamentally new approach to the refrigerators of the future. They are based on the latest engineering discoveries made by the company in laboratories around the world. The new RF24HSESBSR refrigerator is a prime example of this.

The main feature of this model is a special dispenser located on the refrigerator door. With it, sparkling water will now always be on hand at home. In addition, the dispenser allows you to select the strength of carbonation depending on the user’s wishes.

The door also contains a compact Ice Master ice maker, which is much faster than standard ice makers. Ice Master can produce more than two kilograms of ice per day.

The big appliances for the kitchen

The RF24HSESBSR is cooled by the latest Twin Cooling Plus® technology. This technology sets new standards in the field of temperature control by separate cooling of refrigerator and freezer compartments. It cuts energy consumption and prevents mixing of odors when different products are stored in the same compartment.

The independent FlexZone™ center compartment gives the user the ability to choose between four adjustable temperature settings for sensitive foods – keeping them fresher for longer. In addition, the smart divider Smart Divider helps you separate food from each other, depending on the size and your needs.

The interior space of the fridge is very clever – with the folding shelves in the main compartment, for example, you can easily put non-standard-sized food cakes, poultry, meat, etc. . .

For easy access and storage, the freezer is equipped with two drawers. Top drawer can be fully pulled out with bottom drawer to access food inside or left closed if you need food from bottom drawer.


What’s more, the RF24HSESBSR is designed like no other. The steel body of the refrigerator will fit perfectly into the interior of a modern kitchen and will satisfy the most demanding customer.

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