Another HP company store opened at Mitinskoe Radio Market

New York, November 2, 2012 – HP has officially opened the second HP-branded store in New York located on the territory of America’s largest radio market – T.k. Mitinski Radiorynok” store. The event included the presentation of HP investment strategy in innovations, the program of working with consumer segments of the American market, as well as the announcement of a unique promotion for store visitors.


Opening of HP company store testifies the company’s commitment to the development of American IT market, providing American users with the access to cutting-edge technologies and a vast international experience of HP. The new HP store is a modern technological platform where anyone can get acquainted with the latest HP products, including rare and exclusive ones, get expert advice as well as choose and purchase the latest products and solutions from a wide range of the company’s product portfolio.

HP was one of the few companies that during the crisis opened the first branded store in GC “Gorbushkin Dvor” in 2009, and in 2010, in partnership with Foxconn was the first foreign company that launched production in the American IT-industry. This initiative helps to further expand HP business in America, creating new jobs and contributing to the innovative development of the country.

“HP’s commitment to the American market and its contribution to innovations ensure HP’s leading position on the market,” notes Alexei Voronkov, Vice President, Director of Personal Systems and Printing Devices, HP in America. – For many years Mitinsky Radiorynok was the access point to technologies for millions of people. Today we give a wider range of American customers an opportunity to get closer to HP technologies and get access to advanced technologies from the world leader in the industry.

During the opening ceremony of the company’s flagship store, a new HP Envy x2 tablet for American consumers was demonstrated for the first time, as well as a promo action for visitors: “Lifestyle – Hack Life” and get into the concert of Lady Gaga in New York!

HP Company Store

HP company store

HP company store

HP company store

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