An overview of the Mystery MMW-2020G microwave oven with grill

Built-in appliance

Basic set of functions, defrost by weight.

Microwave ovens

Not noted.


VOLUME: 20 l, enamel coated inside.

FUNCTIONS: Microwave 800 W, 5 power levels, grill 900 W, grill+HF, 3 modes combi defrost by weight, timer 30 min.

CONTROL: mechanical, power controller, timer controller.

ACCESSORIES: glass turntable 24,5 cm, metal drip pan, 2 grids.

DIMENSIONS: 454x330x262 mm. WEIGHT: 10.5 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


Novelty equipped with a basic microwave and grill mode.

Microwave has 5 power levels, which serve different purposes. Minimal – designed for gentle heating, it is used for small portions – for example, a couple of spoonfuls of cream, as well as melting chocolate and butter. Level 2 is optimal for defrosting. This model has a function of defrosting by weight. With the upper knob of the control panel the user selects the 2nd power level, while the lower one sets the weight of the food. The bottom regulator has not one but two scales, the weight scale is tied to specific time intervals: for example, a half-kilogram chicken legs can be defrosted in 10 minutes. This solution simplifies the problem statement.

Medium, i.e. the third power level is suitable for slow cooking. The fourth shelf is used to reheat, preserving the moisture and flavor of foods such as mashed potatoes or cakes. Maximum mode is designed for heating liquids water, milk, broth , cooking hot drinks and vegetables.

The grill in the oven is installed for giving browned crust and a special taste to the food. It can be used solo or in the proposed combination modes. Three levels in total, magnetron and heating elements turn on alternately. In all modes, the grill duration is predominant, there is an emphasis on frying, but in different degrees, the most in the first combi mode 83% and, respectively, less in the third 60% .

As already mentioned there are two rotary knobs for controlling the appliance. One is assigned a mode of operation, the other – the duration of the process. Timer is set for 30 min. The system is very simple and intuitive, so it does not require much effort to learn.

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