Mister heating element or twin grill? An overview of the microwave oven with grill

Many people who choose a microwave for the first time, are faced with the fact that it is easier and often cheaper to buy a model equipped with a grill, since these models are the most numerous community in the family of microwave ovens.

Microwave already cooks something

We don’t pay the price, or..

Microwave ovens with a grill are sold in sufficient quantity, and the price range is more than 30000 Dollars. Many offers and at the most reasonable price – for example, Rolsen MG1770ME , Beko MWC 2010 MX , Supra MWS-4001 , Mystery MMW-2009G can be bought for just 1800 Dollars. The most expensive model offered by Barazza is 1MOA, which costs about 40,000 Dollars.

Quartz? Why ??

Quartz grill is quite common in microwave ovens, both among European brands Brandt, Gorenje, Moulinex, Bosch, Electrolux and Asian brands Panasonic, LG, Hyundai, Daewoo, Samsung, Sharp . There are more than a hundred variants on sale.

Quartz grill models, contrary to the stereotype, do not need to be prohibitively expensive. Such microwave ovens can be bought for 2 000 – 2 500 Dollars for example, Wellton WMO-1700GW, Hyundai H-MW1121 Silver, Horizon 20MW800-1479BCB .

Average prices for ovens with a quartz grill – 3000 – 5000 Dollars, which does not stand out from the overall picture of microwave ovens with a grill in general. The most considerable sum for an oven it is necessary to expose in case of purchase Panasonic NN-GS597M – to 12 000, even more costs Miele M-8201-1 – 30 000 Dollars.

Ceramic for frying

The ceramic grill is used in microwave ovens extremely rare, and you can not find it separately, only in combination with other elements, such as with the bottom fan-grill and the top quartz, as in the Samsung PG-838 R-SB. This element is a kind of – a marker of model complexity, it is used in cases where you want to significantly increase the impact on the products and make the work of the element more flexible.

Mechanical or electronic

According to the way of control microwave with grill are divided into mechanical and electronic. Mechanical control is provided with two rotary knobs, one of which activates the operating mode power level, grill or combi mode , while the other sets the cooking time.

Controls scales may have prompts, for example, the second power level is suggested for defrosting, the fourth is suggested for heating. The time scale can also be equipped with prompts.

Much more complex and interesting is the electronic control, regardless of the type: push-button or rather, pseudo-touch , combined with rotary knobs, touch, it is often more intuitive and requires only the touch of a button to activate the desired mode.

A lot of “instant” settings are available – for example, a “quick start” that switches the oven to maximum power for 1 minute, information sometimes symbolic reflected on the display.

But the most important thing is of course the automation: a set of ready-made algorithms, created for strictly defined processes. The automatism is divided into weight-based programs, which define the settings according to the portion size, and time-based, which adjusts the settings according to the time interval available.

Automatic programs are created for defrosting, cooking including two- or three-step and, less frequently, heating.

The grill is used in cooking programs such as steak, chicken, salmon and shrimp fillets of LG MH6380UB as a predominant element, or as a finishing touch for searing.

Special mode grill

Some companies place special emphasis on the grill, attracting our attention with special modes and functions. This is how LG ovens introduce the “Healthy Grill” function. Its basis – two-level setting of grill power which is generally very rare . The appliance offers more flexibility when roasting meat – for slow cooking like in the oven a lower temperature is reached, for browning a high heat is reached.

According to the developers, this approach allows to preserve useful properties of the product and reduce the content of harmful saturated fats. Another function automatically turns on the grill when food is warmed up, it is called “Heating up with crispy crust”, in this case the food comes out of the oven as just cooked. Modes are used, for example, in the LG MR6589DRL microwave.

Whirlpool models use Crisp function, it combines microwave, quartz grill and cooking on a special plate with a thermo-accumulating bottom. Cooked in this mode, the food is evenly cooked and has a crispy browning on both the top and bottom.

Panasonic offers a combination grill and even a double grill with steam model NN-GS597 . Steam cooking retains juiciness but allows food to be browned to perfection. Bork W701 and W700 ovens use superheated steam and can be activated for all processes including frying. And in the model Bork W531, you can cook directly on the spit although it belongs to another class – the model with a grill and convection .

New generation control

Another new feature for grill ovens is the inverter control for combined operation. Before that, Panasonic and Toshiba ovens were already on the market with inverter control of the magnetron, which contributed to a more gentle and faster cooking of food.

Panasonic ovens now use next-generation technology, an inverter controls not only the magnetron, but also the grill for smoother action on food and better cooking results. The prices for the novelties NN-GD391 and NN-GD371 5,500 and 5,200 Dollars respectively do not differ from the prices for models with a simple inverter.

Models with an inverter are interesting in another circumstance – they do not need a turntable, which means that you can cook in a rectangular dish, such as a tray frying without microwave action in general can be in any, even in a metal form.

Why does the microwave grill need a grill?

Microwave cooking is characterized by the fact that heating is done by internal friction in the food, which occurs in response to exposure to the waves. Water molecules are primarily affected, therefore heating is limited to 100 degrees.

Such cooking gives a specific, unleavened, not so bright and interesting taste. This situation prompted manufacturers to combine microwave radiation with infrared – grills began to be installed in ovens. The grill is used mainly for roasting and browning foods and makes them even more appetizing, tangy and crispy.

Types of grills

Four types of grills are used in the ovens, the most popular are the fan grill and the quartz grill. The first type is a metal tube, it is the most common, it consumes more energy.

The grill heats to its maximum value in about 3 minutes, with an operating temperature of 650 degrees. It is believed that the fan provides a harsher effect, in addition, because of the design, it complicates the care of the chamber.

A quartz grill is a flat lamp that does not interfere with the oven. Heating takes about 1 minute, energy consumption is lower, and it is consumed more efficiently due to the presence of a reflector that concentrates the radiation on the products.

The operating temperature is 800 degrees and the radiation has a different wavelength: it is shorter, but the intensity of its effect on the food is higher like fire, which is always used for comparison . Therefore, such a grill roasts faster, more evenly, and the food tastes better.

Much less common are the halogen grill and the ceramic. Appliances with them appear in collections and then disappear.

The microwave oven has already cooked something

Flexible frying

The grill always turns on at full power.

There are two ways to regulate the effects of radiation on food. Firstly, using the combined modes, where the grill is turned on and then the magnetron is turned on. So, the duration of these devices can be 50/50%, 30/70% with alternating predominance of either microwave or grill.

The second way is very simple. Grilling grid, as a rule, has two positions – up and down, to provide stronger or weaker heat.

Capacity and purpose

Microwave ovens with a grill have a broader purpose than solo models: they not only heat up food and defrost foods, but also quite seriously deal with cooking.

Therefore, the volume of the chamber is one of the decisive values, and most often the choice is made in favor of models with a volume of 20-25 liters. They do not require much space, while the size of the chamber and directly related to it the diameter of the turntable allows the use of a wider set of dishes pans, bowls, molds , not just dinner plates. Models of such volume on sale the majority, and among all price groups.

Much more modestly presented compact microwave ovens. To the tiniest of them can be attributed several Whirlpool MAX 28 ovens, their internal volume is only 12 liters, the dimensions of the furnaces almost fit into a cube – 37x39x37 cm. The Panasonic NN-GM230 and NN-GT260 microwave ovens have slightly bigger capacity – 16 l.

Not so many on sale and large ovens with a capacity of 27-30 liters: Panasonic NN-GT548M, NN-GF560M and NN-GD577M – 27 liters, Vitek VT-1690, Samsung GE1072RS – 28 l, Toshiba ER-B7R S , Bork W700, LG MC-8249BR – 30 l and Brandt C 3280 WF1 – 32 l the most impressive volume . A limited number of large microwave ovens suggests that the models with a grill does not pretend to squeeze the traditional ovens from the kitchen this is the destiny of ovens with convection .

Steam grill

And yet such competition is possible – this is the field where the models with two grills work. It should be noted that there are about ten of them on sale now, these are Samsung PG878KSTR,PG838R, PG836R, PG832R and LG MG6349LMS – 23 l, Panasonic NN-GS597 – 25 l, Sharp R-7771LSL – 26 l, Hyundai H-MW1028 – 28 l and Toshiba ER-B7R(S – 30 l.

The cheapest oven costs about 3,500 Dollars – this is a Samsung PG832RS. The most expensive – Toshiba, more than 10 000 Dollars. On the market of microwave ovens with a grill, such a number of options looks more than modest and indicates that, for all the temptation of this option to interest the buyer in it is not so easy.

LG company presents a curious model – it is MR-6589DRL, it also has two grills, but one of them rotates it should be said that LG not the first time offers models with mobile grills, which then disappear from the sale, remember robot grill, for example . According to the idea of the developers, such a system contributes to more even grilling. The oven costs 5,600 Dollars.

Grill and grill

In microwave ovens sometimes use not one but two grills at once. Quartz is placed on top, and the fan – in the bottom. The logic here is clear: the heat from the quartz grill is easier to send down and the heat from the fan by the laws of physics and so will go up.

Thus, the pieces of meat and fish placed on the grill will be fried on both sides at once. Thanks to temperature difference from heaters inside the chamber, there is a natural convection – mixing of hot air streams that leads to more even cooking. Combined operation of two grills is often called an oven mode, although this is not entirely true.

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