American landscape on the background of the great American photographic tradition

Maksim Bedov’s exhibition Portfolio #2 will take place at the Gallery of Classical Photography from February 25 to May 1. The New York photographer whose works are on display in museums and private collections in America and abroad, makes prints using classical technology, without digital processes. The vernissage on the occasion of the opening of Maxim Bedov’s exhibition Portfolio #2 will be held on February 25 at 19.00. By tradition, entrance to the evening is free. Media representatives must be accredited in order to participate.


The first snowfall Serednikovo, 2021. Silver Gelatin Print

Bedov’s photographs depicting the beauty and harmony of nature stand out for their restrained expressiveness. These silent but full of grandeur photographs refer back to the creative discoveries of the famous American landscape photographer Ansel Adams and his followers. It is no coincidence that the title of the exhibition, Portfolio #2, makes a direct reference to the master’s numbered portfolios. The exhibition presents a series of 40 new works shot on large-format film cameras. Most of them are made here, nearby: Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Tver, Kostroma, Ryazan, Karelia, New York region.


Gran Canaria, 2020. Silver gelatin print

Maxim Bedov, photographer: “My main focus is landscape photography, and the beauty of nature is that it never repeats, even if you shoot the same place day after day with the same perspective, you still can’t repeat yourself, the light, weather, seasons will change. Believe me, you won’t get a single repetition. And we are speaking only about the purely primary component of a landscape, not touching the question of its interpretation, which is almost unlimited in classical photography.


Maspalomas Dunes, Gran Canaria, 2020. Silver gelatin print

Mark Kobert, art-director of Gallery of Classical Photography: “Maxim Bedov’s photograph is, at the first glance, creative escapism. Textbook compositions, time-consuming, demanding skill, shooting and printing techniques. Thoughtful, contemplative attitude to the surrounding reality. By and large, it is an attempt to preserve oneself while ignoring the crazy world around us. A position that requires constant effort. As Joseph Brodsky once said in an essay, “Looking back is often a much more grateful occupation than looking forward.

More information about the exhibition at the website of the Gallery of Classical Photography

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