AEG Haustechnik heaters: my red sun

Infrared heater, radiating, like the sun, the short wave infrared component of the solar spectrum, heats the surfaces of objects in its operating area.


It can be a floor, an interior object, or a person. The fact that it heats the surface of the object, not the air, heats it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using this feature of heating, infrared heaters are used where exploiting other heating equipment is inefficient or impossible.

This could be, for example, a cafe pavilion, a summerhouse terrace, a restaurant terrace, a gazebo or a large unheated indoor working space. In general, any place where the user wants to create a comfortable atmosphere, regardless of the vagaries of nature.

In America, gas infrared heaters are mostly used. However, electric infrared heaters, on the other hand, are completely silent, emit no carbon monoxide, are easy to install and do not require permanent maintenance.

Now a few words about the special features of the AEG Haustehnk infrared shortwave heater. As the heating element in the device uses a shortwave halogen lamp, the use of which gives a number of advantages:

Firstly, out of 100 percent of their output, 92 percent heat the surface, and only 8 percent heat the air. This makes it possible to create comfortable conditions even in the windiest places – in the mountains, near the sea, on open floors or on the roofs of high buildings.

Secondly, from the moment you turn it on until the heating starts, it only takes a second. And thirdly, the use of a halogen lamp allows the radiation to be clearly directed to the area to be heated.

IR Premium heater has the highest possible degree of protection for similar devices – IP 65 protection against water jets and can be used indoors and outdoors, as it is not afraid of rain and snow.

Furthermore, all AEG Haustechnik infrared heaters are elegantly and stylishly designed in a compact size, so that they fit into any interior, and their minimal weight makes them easy to install on quickly erected or temporary structures e.g. marquees, umbrellas, cafés, etc. .d.

All infrared heaters are equipped with electric fuses for safe operation.

With connection of an external regulator dimmer it is possible to control radiation power smoothly and even combine devices into a multi-zone heating system.


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