Acer presents 3000 lumens bright LED mobile projectors PD1520i and PD1320Wi with wireless connection and 4K HDR support

Acer has unveiled the new PD1520i and PD1320Wi portable LED projectors. Novelties are equipped with durable LED light source with increased power, allowing you to consider them as a full replacement for traditional lamp projectors for small rooms. Compact size and light weight make the projectors convenient for mobile presentations.


The PD1520i and PD1320Wi have 3000 lumens.5-2 times the average for most analogues with LED light sources. Power-saving operation of the projectors ensures a long lifetime of the light source up to 20,000 hours. New products have a weight of 2.2 kg with dimensions of 297x200x56 mm. Such parameters of compactness for LED projectors are usually achieved only when using an external power supply unit, but in PD1520i and PD1320Wi it is built in and the only external accessories are a power cable and a miniature remote control. Projectors come standard with a convenient carrying case.


4K and HDR support is not yet a common standard, but the PD1520i and PD1320Wi already have it. Combined with the important advantage of LED light sources to display a wider color gamut as compared to lamps and lasers, it allows you to show your presentations at a whole new high level of quality. The PD1520i and PD1320Wi’s easy wireless connectivity lets you show your presentations from laptops, smartphones or tablets with Android, iOS or Windows 10 without connecting extra cables.

LED light source enables projectors to turn on off instantly without loss of time for heating or cooling. The mercury-free and halogen-free PD1520i and PD1320Wi light sources ensure safer and environmentally friendly operation of these projectors which are essential for the health of users and preservation of the environment

Price and affordability

The new projectors are already available in American retail. Acer PD1520i is available for 93 990 Dollars, Acer PD1320Wi- 74 990 Dollars.

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