Whirlpool’s new range of dishwashers

Whirlpool, a leading manufacturer of home appliances, unveiled new dishwashers from the 2014 lineup – technologically advanced and productive 60 cm and 45 cm wide models. The new models feature Whirlpool’s advanced technologies and developments: the “6th Sense PowerClean” system, “Steam Treatment” function, ergonomic configuration of baskets, “Eco” program, mode for fragile dishes, etc.1. These functional devices will not only simplify household chores, but will also help save money on utility bills thanks to their economical use of resources.


The smart “6TH Sense PowerClean” system in new dishwashers ensures efficient dishwashing with minimal use of resources. Dedicated sensors every 10 seconds measure the load volume and dirtiness of the dishes, monitor the process continuously and optimise the wash cycle automatically. This saves up to 30% of time, water and electricity. Some models have a water consumption of only 6 liters.

Big appliances for the kitchen

The new Whirlpool dishwashers will be indispensable helpers for canning, thanks to the “Steam Processing” function. The sterilization process is carried out by treating the jars with steam at 72 degrees for 10 minutes. This ensures the complete elimination of all germs and prepares the jars for future use. This feature has been tested by the French Pascal Laboratory, the world’s leading institute in the field of antibacterial protection.


At least 5 programs in the memory of the new dishwashers. For example, the Fast Wash mode is suitable for cleaning dishes without food residue, and the energy-saving Eco 50 program maximizes resource savings.

There is a “Delicate dishes” program for delicate items, “Daily 60” program will cope with the standard set of dishes, “Intensive washing” program will assist in case of need.


The “Night” program will help provide the family with a full set of clean dishes in the morning. This program has a low noise level comparable to that of a library. Convenient and intuitive control panel for programme selection and control of the washing process.

Thanks to the optimal ergonomics of the internal space, even compact machines are highly efficient. The 45 cm wide models can wash 9-10 sets of dishes at once, the 60 cm wide models can wash 12-13 sets of dishes at once2.

The special basket configuration two or three reloading levels saves space inside the machine and ensures quality cooking and saves resources even when fully loaded.


The new Whirlpool dishwashers come in a classic, elegant design in white and steel. In the smallest of spaces, they will decorate any kitchen with elegance and sophistication, and the free-standing machines with a new VBL design to match any décor scheme.

As with other Whirlpool appliances, the models are highly energy efficient – they are energy class A+ and A++.


Whirlpool dishwashers are already available in American stores.

Recommended retail price:

60 cm wide models:

o Whirlpool ADP 100 white – 16 990 Dollars.

o Whirlpool ADP 7570 white, stainless steel – 22 990 and 24 990 Dollars. respectively

o Whirlpool ADP 8070 white – 24 990 Dollars.

o Whirlpool ADP 860 stainless steel – 25,990 Dollars.

45 cm wide models:

o Whirlpool ADP 450 white – 12 190 Dollars.

o Whirlpool ADPF 872 white, stainless steel – 15 990 and 16 990 Dollars. respectively

o Whirlpool ADPF 851 white, stainless steel – Dollars 17 990 and 18 990. respectively

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