What to make pasta and pasta sauce in?

The Zepter Masterpiece pasta basket is designed for cooking pasta, noodles and asparagus, as well as blanching vegetables. Openings on the sides ensure that liquids can be poured away quickly and effectively. Italian brand Pensofal has launched a line of cookware with an innovative 4-layer non-stick coating which contains particles of solid minerals in each of the layers. This makes the coating more durable and resistant to wear and tear.


Zepter Masterpiece Pasta Cooker

The basket is specially designed for cooking pasta: there are holes in its walls and bottom which allow you to quickly and easily drain the hot water. The basket fits into a Zepter pot of 20 cm diameter. This makes a perfect system for the perfect cooking of Italian pasta, noodles and asparagus, as well as for blanching vegetables.


Coated BIOSTONE Pensofal frying pans

The dishes are suitable for everyone who adheres to a healthy lifestyle, because you can cook in them with little or no oil. The BIOSTONE coating is free of PFOA and heavy metals. Bakelite handle is soft, non-slip and can handle temperatures up to 200°C. Patented double-bottom warp-proof base saves energy. Cookware is suitable for all types of stoves, including induction stoves.

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