Warriors of Darkness and Light: The AeroCool PGS-V BattleHawk Case for Game Lovers

New York, May 26, 2015. – AeroCool Advanced Technologies AAT , one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PC cases, power supplies, accessories and peripherals, introduces the BattleHawk White and BattleHawk Black ATX chassis for video game fans. Fans of virtual battles will appreciate the aggressive aesthetics, well-thought-out cooling, and generous interior compartment.

Computers and Peripherals

Available AeroCool PGS-V BattleHawk chassis for gamers

Capacity is a key feature of the new cases. Computers built with the AeroCool BattleHawk can be equipped with CPU coolers up to 155mm high as well as two flagship graphics cards up to 390mm long. The internal compartment design is in keeping with the times: up to three 3.5″ hard drives, two 2.5″ SSD drives, one optical external drive and one 3.5″ re-box for fan control and system temperature control.

Holes cut into the motherboard panel for easy assembly for the CPU cooler, as well as for tidy cable management. The power supply, which is mounted on the bottom of the BattleHawk, has a removable dust filter that can be quickly removed and washed under running water.

BattleHawk cooling system includes five locations for 120-mm fans: two behind the front, two on top, one behind. The case comes with two preinstalled fans one on the front and one on the rear -the others can be installed at the builder’s discretion.

Special mention should be made of the aggressive appearance of the BattleHawk. The front of the case is reminiscent of an alien in solid armor – the optical drive is covered by a hinged lid and through the transparent bottom you can see the illuminated red blades of the built-in fans. There is a window on the side panel, through which you can conveniently look at the well-assembled system. The top panel is also designed to hold the power button, two fan speed controls, audio ports, USB 3.0 and USB 3.0 connectors, and so on.0 and USB 2.0, and a card reader that supports SD and micro SD.

BattleHawk case will be available in white and black color.

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