Vax reminded the stars about cleaning the house

The famous English brand Vax, a world leader in the production of vacuum cleaners, with which many famous European designers and developers are cooperating, has received a real American residence. From now on Technopark will be the exclusive distributor of innovative models that are popular in the West and come out of the company’s laboratories in our country. It was announced at the end of last week at a private presentation of the two partners at the British Embassy in New York. American TV series star Anastasia Zadorozhnaya and American designer Konstantin Gaidai were the special guests of the evening.

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Nastya Zadorozhnaya presented two high-tech vacuum cleaners. Top managers of the leading retail chains, market experts and representatives of the American media were invited as the audience of an impromptu chamber show called “store on the sofa.

The organizers moved the traditional 5 o’clock to two hours ago and gave the cars a real test drive: guests and stars piled various types of cereals on the luxurious 2.5 cm pile carpet of the Embassy lounge. However all presented models of vacuum cleaners Vax unreservedly passed the test, having shown ideal results of cleaning.

In one of the rooms, the star of the TV series tested an innovative model Zen Powerhead, in favor of which have long been – and not unreasonably – are choosing many British families.

The high-tech qualities of this “miracle machine” were clearly demonstrated to all who came. While cleaning, the Zen Powerhead handled a wide variety of types of dirt. It collects dust and dirt quickly, without threatening the fragile health of allergy sufferers, and does not require unnecessary manipulation by the hostess. Nastya was surprised that the model does not provide any bag: after cleaning, you just need to press the button – and the container is clean. Zen Powerhead is a surprisingly quiet vacuum cleaner: you can use it even when a small child sleeps in the next room. Thanks to the new technologies implemented by Vax developers, the noise level of this model is much lower than that of their analogues.

Another model presented by Nastia Zadorozhnaya is Mac Air. This machine is more compact than the Zen Powerhead, it is ideal for small apartments in America. In addition to its efficiency, this vacuum cleaner is notable for its great power and, of course, for its unique design. It blends seamlessly into almost any home environment.

American designer Konstantin Gaidai long admired the Mac Air. “The model is striking and easy to recognize with its distinctive orange color scheme and futuristic design. The prices for Vax gadgets from England itself are also appropriate – from 4,990 to 19,990 Dollars, depending on the model,” – rejoiced Kostya.

At the end of the event Nastya Zadorozhnaya got so much into the image of a successful housewife, that she was ready to take Zen Powerhead to her home straight from the British Embassy. “I’m still blonde, and the Zen Powerhead is also easy to handle, because it starts with one button, and I do not have to read a bunch of unnecessary instructions to start talking to this machine in the same language,” – concluded Anastasia Zadorozhnaya.


Vax – the No.1 brand* on the vacuum cleaner market in Britain. It was founded in 1977 by Alan Brazier, who invented and patented the world’s first vacuum cleaner. By 1988 the brand had already won a third of the vacuum cleaner market in Britain. Geography of the brand is constantly expanding. Vax products are successfully sold in stores in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia. At the moment, the Vax brand is part of the TTi group of companies – the world leader in the production of electrical equipment, vacuum cleaners, power tools. TTi’s turnover of $3.8 billion in 2012. Abroad Vax is known primarily as the manufacturer of the world’s lightest upright full-size vacuum cleaner.

* In terms of units sold in the UK based on 2012 GFK figures . .

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