Ultrasonic humidifier Polaris PUH 7045 TFD against drought in the apartment

Polaris PUH 7045 TFD Ultrasonic Humidifier helps you to breathe humidified air in the apartment in winter. It’s important for health and beauty.

And here he is better or worse than competitors, let’s deal.

Polaris PUH 7045 TFD

Technical features

Polaris PUH 7045 TF

Power: 25 W.

Modes: three speeds, night mode.

Tank: top water tank, volume 4 l, requires distilled or filtered water, water consumption – up to 350 ml per hour.


  • touch panel, LED-display,
  • Buttons for switching on/switching modes, timer/night mode
  • Indication of the humidity in the air and the lack of water in the tank,
  • timer 1-12 hours ,
  • Automatic shutdown if there is not enough water in the tank.

Warranty: 1 year. Service life: 3 years.

Country – manufacturer: People’s Republic of China.

Price: 4199 Dollars.

Polaris PUH 7045 TFD humidify


Ultrasonic humidifier Polaris PUH 7045 TFD has one function – to raise the relative humidity in the room in which it stands. Like all ultrasonic humidifiers, humidifier is fast and quiet.

The principle is to convert water into a “water cloud” by means of high-frequency vibrations of the plate membrane . Air temperature will not change.

No additional options, such as room aromatization or lighting.

Polaris PUH 7045 TFD is an honest humidifier, which is designed specifically to improve the climate in the room.

Use distilled or filtered water to avoid white stain on furniture.

Polaris PUH 7045 TFD has no filter for additional water purification. So spend money on a periodic purchase which is often half the cost of the device will not have.

Built-in hygrometer measures humidity and shows the current value on the display. You are always aware of whether you need to increase the speed or decrease the.

Polaris PUH 7045 TFD ultrasonic humidifier

Offers a total of 3 speeds and night mode.

Night mode is different from 1 speed operation – it does not light up the display with the humidity figures.

Noise level humidifier is very low, at first speed it is practically inaudible, and the third speed sound is very quiet and does not disturb.

Power is only 25 W, like an energy-saving lamp. So on the light bill, using a humidifier won’t be a disaster.

The control

Polaris PUH 7045 TFD control

The touch panel is located on the housing.

All succinct and simple:

  • Press left sensor – humidifier turns on, display shows humidity level.
  • If you want to change the operation mode, press again – the display shows the speed. After setting the desired level of humidity is shown on the display again.
  • The timer sensor is on the right. Press – the time “00” is shown on the display. By touching this sensor you can adjust the time of automatic switching off of the device – from 1 to 12 hours.
  • If you hold your finger on this sensor for a few seconds, the Night Mode is activated – the display goes out.
  • The timer works on all modes, including Night. Device switch-off is signaled with an audible, soft and melodic.
  • If the humidifier runs out of water, it automatically shuts off.
  • Before you power it on, it is better to open the lid and check if there is water in the tank. Manufacturers do not recommend plugging “empty” device.

Design and ergonomics

  • Polaris PUH 7045 TFD humidifier body consists of the base, which contains all working parts, removable water container with a narrow window – a level indicator, a flat lid.
  • The nose for an exit of steam is located above a window – a water level indicator.
  • There are two different ways to pour water:
  1. Remove the tank from the base of the case, put it under the faucet with water, then put the filled tank on the case and close the lid.
  2. Remove the lid, fill the tank with water, close the lid.

Polaris PUH 7045 TFD

You can not change the position of the steam outlet, if you want to direct the steam in a different direction, just twist it




If you run the humidifier every day for 12 hours, you should clean the water tank once a week with a citric acid solution.

The cleaning procedure is simple: pour hot citric acid solution into the reservoir, leave for a quarter of an hour, pour it out, rinse, you can fill the humidifier with fresh water and plug it in.

If you don’t plan to run the humidifier, empty the water from the reservoir.

That’s the care.

Design and usage

Polaris PUH 7045 TFD humidifier

The Polaris PUH 7045 TFD can be installed on the floor, on a table, on a window sill – anywhere in the room, as you like. It won’t draw too much attention, but it won’t go unnoticed, either.

By the way, during the test, I noticed how the running appliances reduce the relative humidity, so standing on the desk


– is a lifesaver.

It didn’t let me or the flowers on the windowsill dry out.


Easy operation, integrated hygrometer, top loading of water, modern controls, good quality price ratio, sleek design.

Only one steam output position.

the customer recommends

We test it, you get the best!

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