Thomas Twin T2 Aquafilter Vacuum Cleaner Overview



Newest filtering, cleaning and humidifying technology no consumables, wet and dry, effective cleaning of various surfaces, ability to catch spills and to clean pipes, protection against motor overheating.


No vacuum cleaner is cheap.


Thomas Twin T2 Aquafilter premium wet and dry vacuum cleaner with aquafilter.



: from 650 watts to 1700 watts.



The control

Touch-Tronic electronic control, power adjustment.


: bi-turbo motor with overheat protection two parking positions, bumper to protect furniture.


: Includes a large branded bag with a whole arsenal of accessories: switchable carpet/floor dry cleaning nozzle, parquet dry cleaning adapter, upholstered furniture dry cleaning nozzle with thread lifter, crevice nozzle, hardware brush, wet carpet spray nozzle with built-in floor cleaning adapter, Adapter for cleaning parquet and windows mirrors with special covers for parquet and windows, spray nozzle for wet mopping of upholstered furniture, siphon nozzle, ProTex universal cleaning concentrate for wet carpet and floor cleaning and ProFloor for cleaning hard floors.


: blue.


: 475×330×360mm.


weight: 9.9 kg.


2 years.

Manufactured in

Cleaning capacity: Germany.


Smaller footprints include Thomas’ famous aqua filter, larger refill tank, and more efficient cleaning efficiency.

Increased power, added pressure adjustment of the cleaning solution, new nozzles.

Unique 4-stage aqua filter filters the air at 99.99% level. Firstly, the dust that enters the vacuum cleaner is wet, becomes heavy, coarse and settles in the water. But the smallest and most allergenic dust is not yet wet enough and increased. Trapping air with fine dust particles is swirled artificially in the suspension of water droplets.

Fine dust particles passing through these microcyclones become coarse and heavy and are trapped by the outlet coarse-porous filter.

Then there is the HEPA filter, which works when the first filter is clogged, which happens if it is not washed occasionally.

To start your cleaning job you just fill the AquaFilter with 1 liter of water and afterwards empty the container and flush the dirty water down the toilet. No need to disconnect the hose, pull out a bag, inhaling a cloud of dust, no need to stock up on bags – water is always at hand. The air after the aqua filter comes out clean and moisturized. Dust does not fly up and blows around the room from areas that have not yet been cleaned.

Washing mode allows you to clean carpets, tiles, laminate, parquet, walls, windows. A powerful pump sprays a cleaning solution at a minimum pressure of 4 atm to wash out the dirt and at the same time is sucked in by a powerful turbine. New nozzle shape increases airflow speed, used liquid collects faster. Your carpets look like new. You can quickly clean up water spills or blockages in the sink.



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