Thomas DryBOX + AquaBOX: cats will love it

ThomasDryBOX + AquaBOXCat&Dog is designed for pet owners and promises quick and easy cleaning of the house from fur, elimination of unpleasant odors and the ability to collect liquid dirt and puddles.

Here we go and check how it does it all!

Thomas DryBOX + AquaBOX Cat&Dog

Thomas DryBOX+AquaBOX Cat&Dog can be a cyclone vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter. It’s up to you: if you put a DryBox container, it’s a cyclone if you pour a liter of water into the AquaBOX and put it in the vacuum cleaner, it will collect dust with an aquafilter.

Preparation for work in both cases takes a pair of minutes: you open the case of a vacuum cleaner, put the necessary “case” – you close it and it’s done.

Two cleaning systems included is not the only feature of this model. Dedicated hair nozzles help clean all surfaces in the house.


For cleaning your carpets, the turbo brush is designed.

Its roller rotates during cleaning, and all the hairs, threads and other debris that gets caught in the lint of the carpet are wrapped around it.

I installed the turbo brush, turned on the vacuum, chose High Power mode and proceeded to clean the carpet. Very carefully went through each area, no hurry – the task is to collect the maximum amount of debris, get it out of the depth of the nap. I vacuumed some areas twice.

Time to clean a 2×3 meter rug – 7 minutes.

The result: while I was cleaning it, the color of the carpet changed, it became richer and brighter. Although the carpet before cleaning seemed clean, the turbo brush was a lot of winded everything long-haired girls will understand . I didn’t even expect the carpet to be that dirty. That’s because I used to vacuum the carpet every two or three days with an upright vacuum cleaner, and it didn’t look dirty. It turned out to be an illusion, and the Thomas DryBOX+AquaBOX Cat&Dog showed what real cleaning means.

Immediately after cleaning, proceeded to clean the turbo brush. This is not the most pleasant of procedures, but Thomas engineers have tried to make it as easy as possible: the turbo brush has a removable cover, which facilitates access to the roller. After cleaning the roller, the cover is easily put back in place.

Upholstered furniture

thomas vacuum cleaner

It comes with a furniture nozzle with thread-lifting material inserts. The manufacturers promise that “it easily separates hair and fluff from the lint on sofas and armchairs upholstery. Cleans pets’ bedding with quality.”.

My cat loves to sleep on a chair with a white comforter on it. That’s what I decided to do first.

I took off the telescopic tube, put the furniture nozzle on the hose handle, turned on the vacuum on High Power, and proceeded to clean. After a few minutes, the rug regained its snow-white appearance.

The brush nozzle actually successfully collects all the threads and hair, with its help, I have cleaned from hair and dust sofa cushion, which likes to rest on the cat, all sofas, beds, chairs and soft toys. Because the 19cm wide nozzle cleans furniture faster than standard furniture nozzles.

The result is very high. The brush cleans perfectly plaids, mats, rugs, any kind of cloths like fleece, etc.d. It cleans clothes from cat hair in a couple of minutes, should the need arise.

thomas nozzles

Hard to reach places

I love the crevice nozzle on this vacuum. I was totally won over! The nozzles are longer and narrower than those on other vacuums. I was able to clean places in my apartment that other vacuum cleaner’s crevice nozzles couldn’t reach. For example, I cleaned the entire gap between the bathroom wall and the washing machine in my apartment, using the crevice tool. She also cleaned all the joints near the window frames and on the threshold of the balcony door. The high suction power combined with the clever dimensions of this nozzle leaves no chance for dust in the most hard-to-reach places in the apartment.

In addition, you can put a brush brush on this nozzle, and this will clean not only countertops and window sills, but also other smooth surfaces. With this nozzle I cleaned very well and quickly the screen under the bathtub, on the complex embossed pattern which likes to hold the dust.

Overall, it’s great!

Floor/mopper attachment

This is considered the main nozzle. It’s the one that attaches to the vacuum cleaner when you park it. This brush is convenient, with the foot pedal you can easily extend the brush for a thorough cleaning of flat surfaces or retract it to vacuum the mats in the hallway, etc.d. The nozzle allows you to gently and thoroughly clean your parquet. Its coating traps and traps all lint, hair, etc.d., And the high suction power and clever design allow the vacuum to “swallow” everything without leaving it on the floor.

Every cat owner knows that even the neatest cat on the paws takes out a little bit of litter especially lumpy , as well as filler can remain in the gaps in the tiles, etc.d. Well, with a Thomas vacuum cleaner, it’s easy and simple to clean that kind of dirt.

Thomas Cat&Dog

DryBOX or AquaBOX

This vacuum cleaner comes with 2 systems: you can use DryBOX for “dry” dust collection, you can put AquaBOX, in which the dust catches the aquafilter.

DryBOX or AquaBOX

So the feature extends the versatility of the vacuum cleaner and lets everyone in the family pick whichever way they want to clean.

Thomas DryBOX + AquaBOX Cat&Dog

I did it with both the DryBOX and the AquaBOX.


  • Powerful suction for both DryBOX and AquaBOX is high and remains the same throughout use.
  • No extraneous odors and no dust particles in the room air when using both DryBOX and AquaBOX.

What’s the difference:

DryBOX is one-handed unless you want to do a general cleaning once every few months . You simply open the central door and shake out the debris into the bin without getting your hands dirty.


AquaBOX requires more attention: before cleaning you pour 1 liter of clean water into it, after cleaning you need to empty it, rinse and dry.


But an AquaBOX doesn’t just help rid the floor of dust it also adds extra moisture to the air, making it fresher and cleaner, especially important when the heating system is on.

And no more puddles

You can only clean up puddles with this vacuum cleaner when it has an AquaBOX. And with this feature you can quickly and conveniently clean up your kitchen next to the feeding bowls. There are often wet food or water spills that need to be vacuumed up after a pet’s meal. No more grabbing a rag – it just gets it all up and running in no time.

They’re just as useful for cleaning in the hallway after you return from a walk, especially in the fall and winter, when you can’t avoid puddles around your shoes.

Two filtration systems in one device let you use it anytime, anywhere.

Thomas DryBOX + AquaBOX


Button to switch between the two modes is located on the body of the vacuum cleaner. You push it and adjust the power by pushing the button again.

You need to hold your finger on the button for a few seconds to turn off the vacuum cleaner.

Decrease suction power as well, using the mechanical adjustment on the handle. This is handy for cleaning curtains or the rug in the bathroom.

Features of use

  • This vacuum cleaner has a long cord and a long range: including the device in the socket, located in the center of the apartment, I, without changing the outlet, without problems vacuumed not only both rooms, but also balconies total cleaning area – about 70 sq. km.m .
  • Vacuum cleaner easily follows you during cleaning, it is maneuverable: the front roller rotates 360 degrees, it is easy to move over the wire, in general, cleaning with it is easy.
  • You don’t even have to push any buttons to make the power cord unwind automatically: you just pull the cord toward you and it will come right out inside the device.
  • The nozzles fit snugly on the tube so they do not come off during cleaning. You have to exert a certain amount of force to remove the nozzle.

Thomas DryBOX + AquaBOX

ThomasDryBOX + AquaBOXCat&Dog perfectly copes with the cleaning of all surfaces from all household dirt, including pet hair.

consumer recommended

Detailed ThomasDryBOX + AquaBOXCat&Dog specifications here

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