Thomas Black Ocean DustBuster Overview

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Rich equipment, stylish design, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, multistage water filtration, fast cleaning system and hygienic HEPA-Carbon-box. Certified for allergy sufferers.

Thomas BLACK OCEAN vacuum cleaner

Turbo brush if necessary will have to buy additional.


POWER: 1700 Watt max.

FILTERING: for dry vacuum cleaning: patented multi-stage water filtration system: steam induction filter + cyclonic water filtration system with special filter for long hair. Washable EPA filter, micro exhaust filter.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: “Touch-Tronic” electronic control, electronic adjustment of suction power, water flow rate adjustment system built into the hose handle.

CONSTRUCTION: pump with 4 bar detergent pressure, 2.4 L tank of clean water and detergent, vertical and horizontal parking with the possibility of installing a tube in the breaks during the cleaning, cable length 8 m, range 12 m,

INCLUDING: QUATTRO” spray nozzle for cleaning carpets, parquet, laminate, windows and mirrors, spray nozzle for wet cleaning of upholstered furniture, crevice nozzle length 360 mm , switchable dry cleaning nozzle for floor/pet + adapter for parquet, nozzle for cleaning soft furniture, Brush attachment for polished furniture, switchable “NEW” attachment for thoroughly removing pet hairs from floor and carpet, radiator brush, siphon nozzle, two vials of carpet and hard floor cleaner concentrate, branded storage bag for accessories.

COLOR: black.

DUSTBAGS: 485x340x355mm. WEIGHT: 9.7 kg without accessories .

WARRANTY: 2 years.


PRICE: 19 990 rub.


Black Ocean is the most equipped model of the Thomas family. Cleaning a wide variety of surfaces and hard-to-reach places is made easy with included nozzles and accessories. The vacuum cleaner is convenient and easy to work: no dust bag when cleaning with an aqua filter, hygienic cleaning, the ability to store attachments in the built-in compartment in the body. It cleans deep down to the base of the carpet, vacuums up to 4 liters of water in emergencies, and helps you wash windows! Powerful turbine brings water from a special nozzle under pressure, destroying stubborn dirt, and a special nozzle surface removes it without residue and prevents streaks. The Siphon Nozzle is designed to remove blockages and clogged pipes. And with the hair of your four-legged pets can cope with nozzle “NEW”. The innovative HEPA-Carbon-box system, a specially designed plastic container with HEPA bag and carbon filter, is installed if you need to collect any urgent garbage in the vacuum cleaner. After cleaning, you can stash it in the closet until next time. It all takes seconds. No contact with dust bag during use and disposal, which is important for allergy sufferers. The container is designed so that the bag of dust in storage does not smell, no dust and can be stored for a long time until you need it again for urgent work.

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    Can you please provide more information about the features and performance of the Thomas Black Ocean DustBuster?

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