The wind howls, but you keep me warm: a review of Dantex SDC4 electric convectors

Convector Dantex SDC4-20

Built-in air ionizer, fast heating up of the room, economy, two installation modes, silence, timer.

Dantex SDC4-05 convector

No frost protection, no anti-trip-down switch for the floor model .


Electric convector series with air ionizer Dantex SDC4, SDC4-05, SDC4-10, SDC4-15, SDC4-20


POWER: 500/1000/1500/2000 Watt.

HEATING AREA: 5-8/10-13/15-18/20-24 m².

CONTROL: control box behind the front panel, LED display, timer.


STRUCTURE AND INSTALLATION: Flat metallic casing, X-shaped heating element, built-in ionizer. Two mounting options – wall-mounted and floor-mounted included feet with wheels .

SAFETY: overheat and fire protection, dust/moisture protection class IP-24.

DIMENSIONS: 460x400x78/640x400x78/ 930x400x78/ 1265x400x78 mm.

WEIGHT: 3,8/4,8/6,2/8,3Kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


The British company Dantex electric convectors with a built-in ionizer are a classic modern heating devices of this class. Equipped with an intelligent electronic thermostat that maintains the set temperature with minimum error and an X-Thermo heating element. This new generation heating element, while not solid, uses materials with the same coefficient of thermal expansion, which eliminates crackling and clicking when heated and ensures silent operation. The heater reaches the operating mode in just 2 minutes and achieves 90% of its efficiency. The surface temperature of the heating element is low and does not incinerate oxygen and dehumidify the room. The convector, however, not only does not degrade the air composition, but it also improves it. The built-in ion generator produces negative ions in the air. The free radicals produced cause a chemical breakdown, thus disinfecting the space and neutralising unpleasant odours.

The control unit convector is located behind the front panel housing with LED-display. The required temperature is set in 1ºC steps and is automatically controlled by an electronic sensor that detects temperature differences within 0.1ºC. Easy to use with Auto Restart function and timer.

SDC4 series convectors have a wattage of 500 W to 2000 W, making them suitable as a primary or supplementary source of heat for rooms of 5 to 24 m2. Provides both wall-mounted on brackets and floor installation. Includes feet with wheels for floor installation, so the convector can be quickly moved into a room that needs extra heating.

In accordance with European standards, convectors have a class of dust moisture protection IP-24, and are protected from overheating and fire. The outside walls of the device do not reach dangerous temperatures and are safe, as in the case of all modern electric convectors.

Price: 3354 Dollars.

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  1. Serenity

    I’m intrigued by your review of the Dantex SDC4 electric convectors! How effective is it at providing warmth in chilly weather? Does it have any additional features that enhance its performance and efficiency? I’m also curious about its noise level – does the wind howling affect its operation? Overall, would you recommend the Dantex SDC4 to someone looking for a reliable heating solution?

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