The new Siemens EQ fully automatic coffee machine.500: the atmosphere of your favorite coffee shop at home

There are many kinds of coffee in the world, and each has a special taste and aroma. Variety is not exhausted by nature: you can roast each variety differently and make it into one of dozens of recipes. There are even more coffee connoisseurs in the world and everyone has his own special, sometimes very busy daily routine. The new fully automatic EQ coffee machine.500 TQ507RX3

with the display coffeeSelect for intuitive operation and the ability to integrate with the voice assistant Alice from Yandex reduces the preparation of coffee to a minimum set of actions and allows you to make your favorite drink, without interrupting your work.


Elegant design and advanced technology

The most noticeable feature of the sleek stainless steel cabinet is the digital display with beautiful visualization of your drinks. With this combination of EQ.500 is capable of completing the kitchen of the most sophisticated coffee connoisseurs, who will appreciate the combination of design and high technology in one device.

You can control the TQ507RX3 with the Home Connect mobile app through Wi-Fi on your mobile device. The mobile app adds a special dimension to the coffee experience, that is not possible with the coffeeSelect Display.

The CoffeeWorld tab on the display shows recipes from all over the world in addition to the standard recipes. You can choose from a list of unusual beverages such as Viennese mélange or Portuguese garoto, and immediately make coffee according to the new instructions.

The CoffeePlaylist tab is designed for business meetings and boisterous parties. Knowing the preferences of your guests you can make coffee for everyone according to your own recipes. The machine will unmistakably prepare drinks according to the list you’ve made. You do not have to leave your guests for a long time to make coffee – just remember to change the cups on the stand.

Coffee machine TQ507RX3 can be integrated with Yandex smart home system and the voice assistant Alice. It is enough to activate the Home Connect skill in the Yandex app, and the machine can already be controlled by voice. When you say “Alice, brew espresso Americano, cappuccino, latte ” the virtual assistant will turn the machine on and brew coffee according to one of 5 recipes included in the skill. Integration with the Yandex smart home ecosystem allows the coffee machine to be embedded in custom scenarios so your favorite beverage is ready just when you wake up.


Intuitive operation and easy maintenance

Siemens coffee machines turn a routine of coffee making into a special ritual. If you have guests, the TQ507RX3 makes two coffees for them at the push of a button using OneTouch DoubleCup technology.

Daily maintenance routine in the EQ.500 TQ507RX3 is kept to a minimum. The autoMilk Clean function starts automatically after every cup and steam cleans the milk system. Milk is served from a bottle or built-in container – it can be removed and stored in the refrigerator.

The TQ507RX3 is equipped with the Calc’nClean automatic descaling and cleaning program, as well as a reminder to change the water filter. All parts in contact with hot milk, steam or grounds are easily removable for cleaning.

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