The LG Cordzero VK89000HQ cordless vacuum cleaner test

Hello from the future? No, it’s the real deal, only technically advanced! Before us is a vacuum cleaner LG CORDZERO VK89000HQ. It is powerful, cordless, without a dust bag, with a system of compressing dust into briquettes, and also knows how to follow a person! Let’s check the main “features” of this South Korean wonder.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning LG VK89000HQ

Test #1. The world’s most obedient

Testing manoeuvrability.

It’s funny, but everything in this world is connected. Exactly when I came from the hospital and physical activity was forbidden to me for a month, the courier brought to the test vacuum cleaner, which does not need to move. Coincidence? I just grabbed the handle and pushed the button: the vacuum cleaner recognized my movement and rolled behind me at a distance of about a meter. It does not need to be dragged or pulled, it moves and turns nimbly. It is all about RoboSense technology: on the handle and on the body there are 4 sensors, with their help the vacuum cleaner understands where the owner goes, and gently follows him at a distance of about a meter.


In ten to fifteen minutes we have synchronized our moves. I have learned that I don’t have to rush around the room and walk backwards and forwards, or “back up”. It is easier to move calmly and consistently, so that the handle of the vacuum cleaner is in the line of sight of the sensors, and then it will not hit the walls.

But meetings with furniture and walls are not terrible: for protection, the body is covered with PVC plates, imitating the skin, which soften the impact and protect both the furniture and the vacuum cleaner. The clearance of this vacuum cleaner is not very high, but there are no high thresholds in our house, so we did not interfere with this fact in any way. And on a carpet with a high pile CordZero climbs without problems.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning


Automatic following greatly simplifies the process of cleaning for all users, but many people just need such a vacuum cleaner: people after surgery like me , expectant mothers, people with disabilities. Besides this technology will attract to cleaning the most “unconscious” persons: teenagers will control CordZero movements with pleasure, and the husband will not remain indifferent and will want to “drive” the process.

Test No. 2. We give you freedom

Checking how long the battery charge time and how much power is needed for cleaning. Charging this gadget is similar to charging a smartphone – only 4 hours. The special display helps to control the charge. I charge the 80W PowerPack lithium-ion battery for 4 hours, and you can vacuum. Get control of your charging with the help of the charging display. Vacuum cleaner has 4 power modes that switch on the handle. The battery life depends on the power.



You have to get used to the personality of the vacuum cleaner, you have to get used to it. But when it happens, he will show himself in all his glory! I especially liked the way the vacuum cleaner cleans carpets. It not only removes the debris and dust on the surface to be cleaned, but also picks up the sand from underneath.

The most powerful cleaning lasts 14 minutes and 28 seconds. At minimum suction the time increases to 41 minutes.I only used the weakest power – it’s enough for a good cleaning! Maximum threatened to tear the floor – the vacuum cleaner is really very powerful. One battery charge was enough to clean a three-room apartment well. Another issue is that after that you have to charge the battery again for 4 hours. This can sometimes be inconvenient if 40 minutes is not enough for you.

Vacuum cleaners

Test #3. Testing the suction power

Do you remember how in the summer of 2016 we all discussed the sensational video about the professional climber Sierra Blair-Coyle, who conquered a skyscraper with the help of two cordless vacuum cleaners LG CordZero? It made me feel like a mountaineer when I tested it! Only I wasn’t climbing a skyscraper, but a wall in my apartment! By the way, quite successfully! Seriously, one way to check the suction power is to lean the nozzle against the wall and release it. It’s supposed to hold.



It just clings to the wall like a glove. I do not cease to be amazed at the power of this wireless model!

Test #4. Consider the brushes

The combination floor/mopper attachment at maximum power just lifts all the carpets and sucks hard to the floor. I vacuumed with it on minimal power which was enough to prolong the cleaning time.

The parquet nozzle is universal. I have successfully used it on a thin carpet and smooth surfaces tile, laminate . It’s lightweight, maneuverable thanks to the swivel mount and can fit under furniture. It does not have a strong grip on the floor surface you should not climb a skyscraper with it! , but it’s handy for its versatility.

Vacuum cleaners

The crevice nozzle is quite normal. However, it’s worth noting the extra side openings that help create an uninterrupted airflow, even in narrow enclosed crevices


Includes brushes for all types of surfaces and cleaning tasks.

Test #5. No more dust clouds

Checking the convenience of cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner features Kompressor technology developed by LG, which allows you to compress the dust into briquettes. Inside the container, a stainless steel blade rotates, which actually presses everything inside. So there’s three times more clutter in the bin than usual.

Vacuum cleaners


The flagship is equipped with a four-layer HEPA-14 filter that retains 99,99% of the dust particles potentially harmful to the human body. Allergy sufferers will appreciate the safety certifications, including those from the British Allergy Foundation BAF and the German research institute SLG “5 stars” .


Disposal of compressed dust is much easier. It is better to wash the filter in the tank after every vacuuming, at least after 7-10 cycles. In case of critical clogging of the filter, the vacuum cleaner simply will not turn on.

Bottom line

Advantages of

Beautiful powerful cordless vacuum cleaner with a dust briquetting system Kompressor . Very pleased with the automatic tracking technology RoboSense . Smart Inverter Motor – another absolute advantage of this flagship. Easy-switching floor/mopper nozzle effectively tackles dirt on a variety of coatings.


Limited run time, low ground clearance.


POWERFUL: max. 620W power consumption, 200AW suction power.

noise level: 80 dB.

FILTER: washable filter, HEPA-14 outlet filter.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: speed switch on the telescopic handle, charge level indicator.


Cordless, Kompressor™ technology dust squeezing system ,

Smart Inverter Motor,

RoboSense™ automatic following ,

transparent polycarbonate dust bag with capacity of 1.2 l.


PowerPack™ 80-volt lithium-ion battery,

Floor/mop combination nozzle,

Floor nozzle, crevice nozzle,

2-in-1 brush for dust/soft furniture .

SIZES: 300x440x316mm. WEIGHT: 7,9 kg.

COLOR: silver.

WARRANTY: 1 year + 10 years warranty on dust squeezing system and inverter motor.


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