The 3rd Fujifilm B2B Conference Photobusiness 3.0

March 2, 2022 at 11 am.00 New York time on ZOOM, FUJIFILM’s third B2B conference “Photobusiness 3.0”. At the conference, FUJIFILM will talk about ongoing and planned programs aimed at stimulating the business of partners and participants in the print photography market, in particular the Wonder Photo Shop project and the Web to Print marketplace that is being developed.


The main goal of this year’s conference is to share the experience of market participants and form a common strategy for the development of photography business in America in the traditional and online format.

The program of the event:

FUJIFILM partners – “Yarkiy Fotomarket” St.Petersburg , “FotoMag” Krasnodar , “Fotoland” Novosibirsk , “Time for print” Kaliningrad will share the cases and success stories.

FUJIFILM report and plans for the development of the B2B Club, presentation of the Partner Support Program

Review of new FUJIFILM equipment

The conference will end with a training webinar by Vadim Dozortsev “WOW service. Tactics, Process, People” and an open discussion among conference participants on “Supporting and Developing Your Photography Business with FUJIFILM”.

Registration and confirmation from the organizers is required to attend the event.


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